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morning meltdown 100

Morning Meltdown 100 Workout

Morning Meltdown 100 Workout In case you have been living under a rock or are just not immersed in the fitness world or don’t follow me online, just kidding, this is the newest fitness program to hit the market. Its called #MM100 or Morning Meltdown 100. The goal is to kick start each day with […]

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Naples Florida

Naples Florida

Naples Florida Be sure to scroll to the bottom for a good laugh…. If you have not taken a vacation (that isn’t going home to see family or traveling to a friends wedding) this is your permission to book one asap!! We are about to celebrate 2 years since our wedding at the end of […]

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core workout for women

Fitness Community

FITNESS COMMUNITY Do you have people supporting you, pushing you to be your best, encouraging you, and challenging you?⁣ ⁣ I didn’t always (aside from family thanks rents😉)⁣ ⁣ Now I have trainers who challenge me with new movements, to conquer my body & my mind to do hard things.⁣ ⁣ Now I have amazing […]

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Girl Boss Tribe

Girlboss Tribe Structure, productivity, daily habits and practices allow you to pursue personal freedom. These daily things allow that compound effect. That over time creates excellence & growth & allows that freedom. If we don’t organize the best of ourselves to get the job done, we won’t have that freedom. We all have a vision, […]

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21 day fix

Cardio Fix

Cardio Fix Are you a fan of cardio or is it like pulling teeth to get you to do it? You may know I am a cardio junkie  Years ago I loved all forms, long steady state cardio,  HIIT or shorter intervals Now I rarely do long form steady state. Cardio is good for the […]

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Strength Training Benefits

Is it too late to start lifting?

Is it too late to start lifting?   I didn’t start working on strength training until years after I began working out. I was the cardio queen. I still love it. But cardio didn’t shape my body. It didn’t empower me. Not the way lifting has. I started slow. I started first with just using […]

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Transform 20

Transform 20 Week 1

Transform 20 Week 1 Its the second week of 2019 and its the first week in my Transform Yo Life Virtual Bootcamp! These ladies and gents are STEPPING IT UP and pushing hard these first few days. Some days have been intense cardio on (or off) the step.  It may only be 20 minutes but […]

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Morning Routines

2019 Routine

2019 Routine Its January 2,2019! Its a brand new year and today means back to work for many people. You may have felt the struggle when the early morning alarm went off today. Perhaps you decided to make your health a priority this year and it may have been a struggle for you to push […]

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healthy through the holidays

Healthy Through The Holidays

Healthy Through The Holidays Sunday was a weight loss morning 💝 even though I had some dairy free @halotopcreamery for my bday the night before 👌🏻  I rarely use the scale but this morning I decided to get on it and have a look. I hit a goal I have been aiming for. I had some guacamole & […]

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Chicken Thigh Sheet Pan

Chicken Thigh & Veggies Sheet Pan

Chicken Thigh & Veggies Sheet Pan *To be honest I have never had or bought chicken thighs before. I know they are cheaper than breasts but also have a bit more fat. Well I decided to buy them (I did trim off as much excess fat as I could). However the taste is basically the […]

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Teacher Life

Growing Up I Wanted To Be….

Growing Up I Wanted To Be…. It’s okay to dabble … Did you always know what you wanted to be? From the time I was in 2nd grade I wanted to be a teacher. A side from babysitting my first job was a concession girl at the movie theater 🎭 I knew I for sure DID NOT […]

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when you lack motivation

Motivation when you don’t have it

Motivation When You Don’t Have It I used to have this amazing super power 💥 Thee second my head hit the pillow it was lights out 💤 Lately I’ve been on the struggle 🚌 with little to not great sleep I need a new pillow stat! I also think its the changing of the season. I’m working on it […]

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Beachbody Coach Opportunity

Beachbody Coach Invite

Beachbody Coach Invite Drop your email below 💌without the “.com”👇🏻 Looking for real woman, the girl next door who has messy hair don’t care, no muscles or ab lines required 🙌🏻 I’m looking for 10 motivated ladies who want to get PAID to get fit, live healthier, enjoy the holidays without gaining lbs 😍while sharing their journey on social […]

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SIBO Breath Test

SIBO Testing & What I Wish I Knew

SIBO TESTING   For those who have been following my health journey (thank you). You know I have been doing lots of testing to find out whats been going on and why my IBS is getting worse. See Gut Health Testing…. While I am still waiting the results from the stool test (sorry if thats […]

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