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15 Minute Ab Workout

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15 Minute Ab Workout


You don’t need to spend hours working abs or do hundreds of crunches, this 15 minute ab workout will make your core burn and fire up your heart rate.

Each exercise is 1 minute long. If you are really feeling it do it twice.

  • Power knees right
  • Power knees left
  • High knee taps
  • Squat lunge punch hop
  • Right leg power tap
  • Left leg power tap
  • Hop hop runner
  • Side to side power knee jumps
  • Hop uppercut (stay low)
  • Step step kick (use your core)
  • Spider lunge pushup
  • High knee punch
  • Over the log jumps (knee knee lunge)
  • X jump X plank
  • Plank jack front raise
  • Plank to downdog shin taps
  • In out ab knee tap

Give each of those a try. Really engage that core (tighten up) but still breathe.

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