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6 Weeks Of The Work Results

6 weeks of the work results
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6 Weeks Of The Work Results

6 weeks of the work results


Who doesn’t love starting a new fitness program? Its always new, exciting and slightly scary because you don’t know what to expect. But it excites you more. Usually we are looking to transform our body, break a plateau, make our workouts exciting again and thats exactly what 6 weeks of the work did for me!

I love HIIT cardio. I love endurance training and I love lifting weights. I also like a good challenge. I don’t want a workout that is a piece of cake to do. Because I want to challenge my body but heck also my mind. I want to look forward to my workouts and not feel bored either.

I actually ended up doing two rounds of 6 weeks of the work. You have two options with this program an EXPLICIT version…..yup a few F bombs get dropped on the regular, the cast says sh*t a lot because this trainer will push you but its so fun and I like a little GRIT in my workouts. I mean who doesn’t love a F*CK at 5am!! Yes even this God girl does.

But don’t worry if you workout with kids around or are totally offended by any “bad” language you can do the clean version of it. Either way Amoila will kick your booty!  6 weeks of the work really brought more definition to my upper body especially my shoulders (a fave body part of mine) and deepened my core strength which brought my abs out deeper.

Here is a bit of my journey with 6 weeks of the work. The cool thing is we just launched a PREP version called 4 weeks of the prep. The workouts may be a bit shorter and are less intense. So if you are not ready for the intensity of THE WORK, or its been a while since you worked out or you don’t have great upper body strength then this prep program is what I would recommend. Then you can rock 6 weeks of the work.

Check it out and my results. I will be going back to THE WORK soon and doing a hybrid of it and another program. Ready to get moving, want to challenge yourself and shape your body? Let’s get you started. Enjoy!

Amoila if you see this, THANK YOU!

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