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Ultimate Reset Cleanse Results

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Ultimate Reset Cleanse Results


ultimate reset results

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I’ve never been a fan of juice cleanses and the ultimate reset cleanse is NOT that! The ultimate reset cleanse includes whole food nutrition. Im excited to share my ultimate reset results and journey with you.  This cleanse includes whole foods and specific supplements that help you better absorb nutrients and aid in digestion.

Ive been a beach body coach for over 8 years and never done the reset until now. I tried one time years ago when my husband was doing it but three days in had to stop.  I CANNOT eat beans or soy. While I will show you that you can do this cleanse without those foods, since we were following the specific meal plan the first three days included beans and temphe.  My husband Ryan has actually done the reset 3 times and each time has lost 20lbs.

His goal was always weight loss. I wanted to do the ultimate reset  because since the end of 2021 my digestion has been off, my energy low, sleep messed up and my sugar cravings out of control!! So while I may lose some weight (from added sugar and bloating) thats just a bonus.

The ultimate reset cleanse is detailed and you do need to be dedicated to the process. I highly recommend reading the material guide a couple of times. I also recommend setting some time to prep and plan for it each week.

We learned quite a few things from the first time Ryan completed it. You can spend a fortune on groceries by following the plan and each specific meal in the meal guide. While yes it introduces you to many foods you may have never used before, for many recipes you only need 1/4 cup of something but it’s only sold in large quantities so it feels like a waste. Plus you end up buying so many ingredients for each unique recipe that it quickly ADDS UP!!!

ultimate reset

Also I am a very picky eater and NOT adventurous when it comes to food.

The first time Ryan did the reset the only way he stayed on track was his wonderful wife spent hours each week  making all those unique recipes. He hated 80% of the recipes and do to some of my food sensitivities/ allergies I couldn’t enjoy them either so we wasted a lot of food. Plus that meant I wasted a lot of hours in the kitchen.

We later discovered at the back of the booklet is RESET IN A CRUNCH. For those who don’t have time to cook or  don’t want to make all the recipes this is what I encourage my clients to follow. Its also great for someone like me who is a creature of habit and literally eats the same food day after day. Plus you save so much on groceries!!!


 The reset in a crunch gives you  3 options for breakfast, lunch and dinner for each phase. So I just ate the same breakfast of phase 1 for week 1 and that goes for  lunch and dinner. I did the same for each new phase with each new option given. But I do this in my normal eating so it was the easiest for me to follow and easy to plan & required very little prep work.


The reset has 3 phases each a week long.  Reclaim, Release, Restore.

ultimate reset


ultimate reset


ultimate reset

The hardest part for me going into this is NO COFFEE  and after the first couple of days no meat.

I live on coffee!!! I can’t even tell you how many cups a day I drink. I also keep my protein really high and eat a lot of chicken, egg whites and turkey. I also have dark chocolate daily.

I will say the hardest part once starting was no coffee. Now they don’t even want you to drink decaf coffee. They prefer if you must, to drink caffeine free tee. Well I despise tea except for Yogi stomach ease.  So since I drink black coffee and i’m not  necessarily going for weight loss I am tweaking a few things.

I will have some decaf coffee in the mornings. I also use a couple of  low acid brands. This is another great brand what also offers half caf, 1/4 calf and no caf coffee.

During the reset you end up eating a vegan diet. After day 4 you stop meat and eggs. I am already dairy free but you also stop all dairy. Since I generally eat a grain free, dairy free, legume free and soy free diet this isn’t that hard to follow. However for the first week I ate rolled oats for breakfast as that was an option in week 1 of reset in a crunch.

I love VOLUME when I eat so this reset was a bit harder for me. As I generally eat a large first meal of the day, and for the start of week 1 breakfast was only 2 eggs with spinach and some oats. Compared to my normal large egg white veggie omelet, cast iron brussel sprouts and turkey sausage its def a smaller first meal.

 The ultimate reset builds in portion control which is great for those who truly need it. Plus even a healthy diet you can over consume so the ideas of scaling back is good.  Im generally not a fan of eggs. I LOVE egg whites so going to 2 eggs wasn’t my fave but again anything is  doable for a few days. The plan calls for no eggs after day 4 but I stopped after day 5. Im such a rebel!

I also continued my daily Shakeology. It’s full of superfoods, antioxidants, fiber and protein. While this will eventually be a low protein diet, Shakeology will be one of the only protein sources in the final two weeks. They do recommend you drink the vegan version. While I normally prefer the whey chocolate shakeology when it comes to vegan flavors my faves are cafe latte, cookies and cream or vegan vanilla. Since I had cookies and cream on hand that is what I used.




Optimize, soothe, power greens (alkalinize), detox, revitalize and  mineralize.

Alkalinize– its anti-inflammatory, helps neutralize excess acid, balance ph levels and help promote a strong immune system.

Mineralize– its real pure crystal salt containing 70 natural minerals. It’s more pure than table salt. During the reset you drink distilled water and add this to it.

Optimize– is a blend of enzymes that help turn back the clock and restore function. They provide vitamin C, flavonoids, and amino acids for optimal immune response.

Soothe– a blend of aloe vera and curcumin. Help ease digestion and are anti inflammatory.

Detox– without making you run to the bathroom this blend helps you cleanse, restore and reset your intestinal ecosystem.

During each phase you incorporate some or all of these supplements

PHASE 1 RECLAIM ( supplements used are mineralize, optimize, soothe, power greens)


FITNESS: The ultimate reset recommends resetting your whole system. Light yoga, walking and stretching is encouraged for movement. I workout every day. I don’t really care for yoga. I also teach group fitness classes. So I stuck to JOB 1 workouts since they are only 20 minutes and not that intense. Some days I went really light and other days a bit more intense. I could have seen better results had I given my body a FULL REST. But since I have had so many days of rest and low impact during my ankle recovery I wasn’t to excited about 21 days straight of low impact or rest. So YOU DO YOU!


Week 1 breakfast up to Day 5 was spinach omelet,  rolled oats and veggies.



ultimate reset


Since I normally have a very large veggie egg white omelet as mentioned earlier ….I blended the 2 eggs and spinach and then used my husbands egg cooker to make small omelet. This made it appear as more volume than two plain scrambled eggs. Topped it with some salt free seasonings, oats (mixed with cinnamon and liquid stevia) and some cast iron veggies.


egg cooker

Lunch daily is the micro-green salad, homemade dressing, half an avocado and my daily shakeology.

Now the first few days I was mixing just a tiny bit of water with the power greens and chugging it but it is GROSS!!

Then I started adding it to my shake and once its blended you can’t taste it!

For an afternoon snack I often had a small apple and almond butter.

healthy snack

Dinner for nights 1-5 I had grilled chicken, veggies with coconut aminos and sweet potato. The first two nights I used the last bit of spaghetti squash that I had already cooked.


chicken dinner



For day 6  and day 7 breakfast it included just some cooked veggies and oats.

egg free breakfast


For dinner the last two nights of week 1 I had cast-iron veggies and baked sweet potato with some coconut oil and often a dash or two of cinnamon on top. If you have not added those two to your sweet potato give it a TRY! Most dinners are supposed to include miso soup. I just used veggie broth from Kettle & Fire since I normally use their bone broth.


ultimate reset


I have had IBS since I was a sophomore in high school. Since I am very aware of the food I eat and in tune with my body and sensitivies I have been able to manage it. But again since the holidays my gas and bloating had become an issue. Within 3 days of this reset I had zero gas or bloating. The first 3 days I was useless by mid afternoon but that was because I normally consume large amounts of caffeine. So honestly by the end of week 1 I was feeling really good and sleeping great and no digestion issues.


WEEK 2: RELEASE ( supplements include mineralize, optimize power greens, soothe and DETOX).

ultimate reset cleanse


Breakfast week 2 and week 3 is just a big ole bowl of fruit. So boring I know. But since I don’t eat much fruit these days this was another great change for my system, eating foods I don’t usually consume. It usually consisted of chopped pears (easier to digest than apples) berries, grapes and cantaloupe.



During week 2 you add in the supplement detox. It doesn’t taste as bad as the power greens but I find it too gritty if I add more water. So I used 1/4 a cup, blended it with my fave handy drink blender and chugged it in a few sips.





Lunch each week was the same microgreen salad, avocado and pumpkin seeds. Some days I had my shakeology and power greens after my salad and some days I saved it for post dinner.



Dinner for the final two weeks was grilled veggies, veggie broth and sweet potato.


For someone who CRAVES chicken and protein, I was shocked at how much I didn’t crave it. I mean some days my husband was cooking up turkey taco meat I for sure wanted it but most days I didn’t crave it. I was just looking forward to eating it again when the cleanse was up.


My sweet tooth also was back under control and some of the strawberries or grapes I bought you really tasted their sweetness.

My energy was great week 2 and my sleeping too. Again no issues with digestion.


On day 14 I was OVER the cleanse.

In my head I said I achieved what I wanted with my digestion maybe I should quit now. But I don’t quit so I finished the final week. 

Week 3: RESTORE ( supplements optimize, mineralize, power greens, soothe and REVITALIZE).




During week 3 I got lazy and didn’t make any dressing.

I just used the coconut aminos since even before the cleanse I put that ish on EVERYTHING!


Dinner sups are optimize, revitalize, and soothe



ultimate reset


For some reason along with day light savings time I did not sleep great the last few nights of the cleanse. I stayed up way too late and woke up way too early. In fact on day 14, 17 and 21 I ended up taking an afternoon nap.

Let me tell you day 21 was almost as hard as day 7 for me. Mentally I was so over it. I didn’t miss real coffee. In fact I have done soo well with just decaf. I will go back to including regular coffee but not as much as before. I plan to replace several of those cups with decaf. But I missed protein. Week 3 especially is designed to be really low to no protein and I was feeling it.

But I still don’t regret the 3 week reset at all.



Let’s talk results. Most people love a good before and after pic.

But as I have shared for the past few years on my Insta or FB…. for someone like me who eats really healthy, works out daily and over all lives a healthy lifestyle you will never see DRASTIC results on my page.

I am not someone who commits to a 30, 60 or 90 day program and then goes back to eating crap and moving less. So with each new fitness program I complete you won’t see much difference in my pics. However I See that I can lift heavier and have more defined upper body or ab definition.

So as I share my results when it comes to my body transformation….its my clothes fitting better, more upper body definition and deeper core definition.



The scale never budges much for me but I saw a 6lb drop and 9 inches gone!

Sure that seems like nothing compared to my husbands 20lb loss each time he has done the reset but he has more weight to loss than me, exercises less than me and does not consume the same diet I do.

So I am not comparing my results to the past 3 times he has done this program.

**** As someone who used to have an eating disorder years ago, I rarely weigh myself or focus on that number.

The scale can be used as a tool but I think it is ignorant to share my actual weight but I will share measurements *****


  • Hips:   34 now 32

  • Waist:  29 now 27

  • Right arm: 12 now 11

  • Left arm: 12.5 now 11.5

  • Right thigh: 21 now 19

  • Left thigh: 20 now 18.5

ultimate reset results


ultimate reset results




Will you try the Ultimate Reset Cleanse?

While I think this is great for anyone, we have a gut health protocol coming that may be easier for you to manage and has more food freedom as you get to remove foods that are not benefiting you verse being told which meals you can eat. It will also only include a few of the supplements used in the reset verse all of them. It will also come with a specific 4 week low impact fitness program to follow.



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