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They are also shining examples of the type of accountability partners you can have!

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This is my girl Jessica. After 4 years of working together I finally got to meet her at Coach Summit 2018. This woman has blown me away. She has completed many fitness programs such as Piyo, 21 day fix, cize and country heat. She has had and up and down fitness journey. But I have never seen her achieve results like this. I also saw her mindset change so much through this 80 day process. She rocked 80 day obsession!!!! She finally was able to control her nutrition by following Timed Nutrition. She’s mom of 3 and 2 of them are twins. She looks amazing. She lost 16lbs and 24 inches and she has lost even more weight since then. She also built up so much strength shes completed hammer and chisel and LIIFT4 too!

80 day obsession


Michelle – An avid runner who just couldn’t figure out how to SHAPE her body. And then she found shakeology & 21 day fix and was hooked. She has also now down 21 day fix extreme and body beast. Here is the heart warming post she made on her social media.

“Wow this even shocks me! I never in the 3 years or so i’ve been on IG thought I would have a transformation to share. Seriously…..I am so thankful I found my coach Jackie Enos….I have followed her & her daily fitness moves for years! She inspired me with her dedication to staying fit. Finally something inside of me said “go for it, Have her HELP YOU.” At the time I really wasn’t even sure what I wanted. HONESTLY, I didn’t think I looked that bad. ?No I wasn’t overweight, I ate pretty healthy (so I thought) plus I am a runner, Im in shape. LOL BOY was I WRONG!

This transformation says it all for me.? Im shocked at what I have accomplished in JUST 3 MONTHS. I feel like it was the easiest thing for me to do. Working out 30 minutes a day at home and look at my progress! YES ill be staying with this program, the nutrition ?and the support?‍ of my coaches monthly groups. Looking forward to how I will look and FEEL in the next 3 months!!!”


Amy was at a point she needed to make a change. She wanted her confidence back. She like me (at the time) is a #bridetobe and wants to look and feel her absolute best on her wedding day! So she jumped in my group to kick off the new year with the  All Access Package and started with the 21 Day Fix. Look how amazing she looks.


Holly is a stay at home mom of 2 and a military Wife who simply wanted her LIFE back. She had lost all confidence, happiness and sense of who she was. She finally look a leap of faith and joined my 30 day group and NEVER LOOKED BACK!  She too started with the All Access Pack so she can progress from one program to the next and she is kicking butt. She got the basics of nutrition and fitness with 21 day fix and shakeology, moved onto T25 and is crushing Hammer & Chisel.

Monica: young busy career woman living on her own who wanted to take back control of her health. She has been in a few of my groups and here are just some of her results. She has rocked 21 day fix and shakeology, loved Shaun Week (free with the All Access Package) and is kicking but in Fix Extreme.


Thelma is a working mom of 1 sweet little boy who wanted to feel good in her skin again. Sh was tired of feeling sick and tired and sluggish so she decided to invest in herself with 21 day fix and shakeology for a month. Look at this hot mama now. She is leading by example daily. She loved shakeology and how much our fitness group helped her, she decided to become a coach on our team too so she could PAY IT FORWARD and help others.

Thelma mom of 1


Charissa lost over 100 pounds. It started with something lighter like hip hop abs, just to get moving and gain some confidence. She went on to love PIYO because it allowed her to stretch, add flexibility and upper body strength using her own body weight. She then fell in love with Focus T25 for the added cardio and strength. From there she has developed a love of lifting and loving herself.

charissa 5

Meet Deb, she lost a whole person doing PIYO. She changed her life around and decided to become a coach on our team and help others do the exact same. She has more energy, looks younger, no longer takes medicine, runs races now and is able to do more in her job as a nurse than she could before. She said she feels better than ever before. She is leading by example and helping others realize age is just an excuse!

Deb piyo


This is ME! I LOVE the 21 day fix extreme. Its mostly the same meal plan, except I followed the COUNTDOWN to COMPETITION PLAN. I loved the added weights to really target the muscles and get amazing results. What can you do in 21 days?

21 fix extreme

Here is a client who wants to remain ANONYMOUS, BUT as a busy school teacher, with thyroid issues and more she needed to make some changes. She decided to go with Insanity and Shakeology. She loved the cardio even though it challenged her. Dropping mega inches in 60 days, she is well on her way.


Before my 32 birthday I decided to try out the brand new Insanity Max 30. All the awesome intensity of my soul mate workout insanity but in just 30 minutes a day. Shakeolgy was a big help in getting these results and following the fix meal plan.

insanity max

Meet Jess, a mom of 1 who needed to get her mommy body back. She dove all in for 21 days of shakeology and 21 day fix extreme. She wanted the harder workouts and loved it. She dropped 7 lbs and 7 inches in just 3 weeks!


Kasey also rocked 21 day fix extreme and just wanted to feel good in her skin again. She has since found a new love for fitness and is rocking her confidence proudly.


This is my dear friend Laurie. She was lost in the hustle of the corporate world. She lives in Canada and has two sons. She finally decided to give the informercial for T25 a try. After staying consistent with shakeology, learning how to eat to fuel her body, gaining strength and WHOLE lot of CONFIDENCE I hug this fit mom with PRIDE! She even won the 1000$ beachbody challenge prize for 30-39 year old ladies. How amazing to get rewarded for getting healthy! She also became a coach to help other moms just like her see what is possible.

Laurie V

Meet Melisa, another mom and coach on my team. Do you see a pattern? These ladies fall in love with living a healthier life-style. Through my challenges we become friends. They love the products and want to pay it forward and help others. Check out her PIYO and shakeology results. Added strength and flexibility using her own body weight doing 30-40 minute workouts at home. Amazing stuff.


Meet my friend and now fellow coach on my team Susie. She is also a school teacher like me and she has 3 boys. She started in my summer challenge doing CIZE and shakeology. Its a fun dance workout that got her moving again. From there this mom has gone on to master Piyo, Insanity max 30 and p90x along with her hubby. She is leading by example for her family and friends.


Meet Tara, a mom of 3 adorable daughters. She came to me sick and tired and out of shape. She had no energy to chase her babies. This girl has done a 180 with her life. She learned by using the 21 day fix how to eat right to nourish her body. She gained strength and condifence and the weight came off. She has gone through 21 day fix, fix extreme, body beast and more. She LOVES to lift now and loves how the muscle defines her body. She is setting an amazing example to her girls.



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