21 Fix Extreme


If you mastered the 21 day fix

If you have learned portion control

If you have perfected the workouts and got results and now you are looking for that next level of fitness to get your body to the EXTREME, this is for you.

reason to go extreme

21 Day Fix extreme is the new workout by Autumn Calabrese who adds the concept of extreme fitness with simple nutrition to get you extreme results in just 21 days. The wait is over, and now its your turn to get extreme.


Autumn Calabrese said it takes guts and intensity and has added a more intense/extreme approach to portion control and fitness in the upcoming 21 Day Fix Extreme workout.

The workouts are going to be harder than they were in original 21 Day fix, but will still be 30 minutes long for 21 days. So it is the best way to advance your fitness in shortest amount of time.

*If you have not done the original 21 day Fix, are newer to portion control, are newer to fitness or not used to extreme workouts than the 21 day fix is the program for you to start with. You also still get wine, chocolate and treats using the 21 day fix that you do not get with the fix extreme.
There will be 7 different workouts so that you body will keep guessing:

  1. Upper Fix Extreme
  2. Pilates Fix Extreme
  3. Lower Fix Extreme
  4. Yoga Fix Extreme
  5. Cardio Fix Extreme
  6. Plyo Fix Extreme
  7. Dirty30 Extreme

All seven workouts will move your body in a way that you get six packs, strong arms, ripped shoulders, and toned legs.
Plus the portion control is still maintained to help you blast the extra fat and give you that final push to achieve the hard body you always wanted.

You will also get a modifier option for the workouts and Autumn will always be there to guide you through the routines.
21 Day Fix Extreme is best for those who are graduates of 21 Day Fix,  pro-athletes or who have taken up high intensity workouts similar to insanity, p90x or insanity max 30 before as well.
The workout is here so no more extra and unwanted pounds!!!!!

Check out these results from the Beach Body Test Group


Adam C lost 18lbs


Crystal lost 12lbs


Jenna lost 19 inches!!!


Robert lost 10lbs




All of these members followed the nutrition plan, replaced one meal a day by drinking  shakeology and pushed play on their workouts. You can get these results too.

the fix extreme 1 day


You have 2 meal plan options the extreme meal plan or

The countdown to Competition which will be tough but is what she uses to prepare for her competition shows.

                       Get a look at the trainer and how she took the past workouts to the extreme!

If you are ready to join Autumn in 21 Day Fix Extreme, and have me as your coach to guide you through then be sure to grab your order of the fix extreme below and secure a spot in my next private group. The 21 day fix launch demand was so crazy it was on back order for months in 2014. So be sure you get yours first! Click the button to  get your 21 Day Fix Extreme


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