Lift For Life

Lift For Life


How is your summer looking? Busy with vacations, pool parties, kids activities? Despite being busy you still want to look and feel good. Now you can combine your lack of time and desire to live healthier without all the extremes. Our newest summer launch is LIIFT 4 Life. It’s only 4 days a week, 30-40 minute workouts, combines lifting, HIIT and core.


Me and members of my Summer Slim Down have been enjoying access to bonus workouts for the  Liift 4 Life program. The early access is almost over but if you want to join my July Lift For Life program and do LIIFT4 with us you can grab early access NOW and get 4 bonus workouts like the one below now.

In fact many of us got to follow along LIVE. Now is  your chance to check out this LIVE workout. This is one of the BONUS B4Liift4 workouts you will get IF you get the early access. Then on July 16th the full LIIFT 4 program will launch.

So check out this Chest, Triceps, HIIT and Core workout now and see how you like it.

Joel Freeman is LIVE leading the LIIFT4 free sample workout! Be sure to stick around after the workout for a Q&A with the Super Trainer himself. After the workout go to for more information, and to access the free sample workout on

Posted by Beachbody on Saturday, June 30, 2018


So if you want to join my amazing fitness community, join my July LIFT FOR LIFE group, access these bonus B4LIIFT4 workouts and then kick off our July group with the all new LIIFT4 program!!!


So for those who are traveling or may not want to use weights and need a resistance band, there is one included in your kit too so no excuses when on vacation.

Program Package Options:


Early Access to B4LIIFT4, LIIFT4 and Shakeology


Early Access to B4LIIFT4, LIIFT4 and Performance Line (pre/post workout recovery)

Still have questions about LIIFT4 and if its right for you? Just fill out the form below and Ill email you back and we can chat best options!

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Im so excited you want to join my virtual accountability bootcamp. No matter what your goal is, I am honored to help you reach it! Please complete this form so I can best serve YOU!

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