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MM100 Sample Workout

Morning Meltdown Sample Workout
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MM100 Sample Workout

morning meltdown 100

Its an exciting time for us coaches and even more exciting time for you!!!

So this week we were given a sneak peek of our newest workout program MM100 that launches on Monday July 1st to all beachbody coaches (even those of you who only coach for the discount). It launches to new or current BOD members (our fitness app) on July 16th for VIP early access. Regular BOD members get access in October.

Here is why I am excited for MM100:

  • 100 different workouts
  • live DJ changing beats based off the moves
  • 10 styles of fitness, changing tempos
  • workouts not numbered
  • 2 modifiers

morning meltdown 100

How the workouts break down

All 100 workouts are broken down into 5 phases of 20 workouts each.  In each phase, you’ll do a 10-workout cycle of 20- to 30-minute workouts, and then heat up the intensity and repeat those 10 with extra challenges. Light, medium, and heavy dumbells are required (mat is optional).

CARDIO MELTDOWN- Sweat to the beat while you work to improve your aerobic endurance (no equipment)

UPBEAT STRENGTH- Sculpt a stronger back, chest, shoulders, and arms with rhythm-based time-under-tension moves. Requires light, medium, and heavy dumbbells.

CORE INFERNO-Burn out your abs and melt off layers with challenging core-strengthening exercises. Requires light and medium dumbbells.

TOTAL BODY BADASS-Build full-body strength with lighter weights and intense plyometric exercises in this exhilarating workout. Requires light and medium dumbbells.

FREESTYLE FLOW-Half yoga-flow inspired, half mobility workout, this routine is designed to help with your recovery. Mat optional.

LIT CARDIO-This high-intensity interval training workout is designed to torch the fat off your body. No equipment needed.

DOWNBEAT STRENGTH- Build stronger quads, hamstrings, and glutes with rhythm-based time-under-tension moves. Requires light, medium, and heavy dumbbells.

FIGHT CLUB-Jericho draws from a variety of mixed martial arts disciplines for an incredible core-shredding cardio session. No equipment needed.

MELTCON- Break the beat with total-body strength training which will challenge your cardiovascular system to help you build muscle and melt major calories. Requires light, medium, and heavy dumbbells.

RE-VIBE- Refresh and revive as you recover with a yoga-inspired flow and then transition into deep, static stretches that aid in recovery. Mat optional.  

Morning Meltdown 100

Why 2 modifiers?

Sometimes people need to modify the modifier. Remember fitness is for everyone. So some people are baby beginners or have limitations. We made sure to include those people. So there is modifier 1 who will modify the basic or advanced movement. But there is a second modifier who will MODIFY THE MODIFIER to make the move more accessible for everyone.  So not matter your level or background you can have success with this program!

How long are the workouts?

Every morning, Beachbody Super Trainer and Core de Force co-creator Jericho McMatthews is going to lead you through a 20-30 minute workout that can help you rev up your metabolism, burn fat all day, and build your best body ever — all working toward helping you live your BEST LIFE. Now its encouraged you start your day strong and set the intention for your day. However if you cannot do these first thing in the morning, you can STILL DO THIS PROGRAM.


My daily workout is my ME time. Woman especially put themselves last. This time is how I fill my cup so I can give my best to my husband, my classes, the members inside my fit for life group, my team and every other responsibility.  So set that alarm just 20-30 minutes earlier babe and lets get it done together!

beachbody on demand

Are You Getting Excited?


Is this program right for YOU?

ABSOLUTELY it is! We will discuss your personal health and fitness goals, but this program is great for a variety of people interested in:

  • toning up, losing weight, and building muscle
  • avoiding a weight-loss plateau
  • short, at-home workouts (and a variety so you don’t get bored!)
  • turning morning workouts into a habit

morning meltdown 100

What do test group members have to say about MM100?

“I loved a longer program. The workouts were shorter and effective but the longer program kept me engaged longer!”

“Loved every moment of this workout”

“I was intimidated but now I love it and so excited to help people through it”

” I am absolutely in love with this program. Thank you for it! You’ve changed my life in so many ways!!!

Morning Meltdown 100 Results


morning meltdown 100

morning meltdown 100 results











“I have always considered my upper body to be weak. I even struggles carrying my daughter around for longer periods of time. This weekend, we walked around the outlet mall near our house and she was getting hot and didn’t wanna walk and wanted to be carried. Typically my husband does it bc my arms get tired after like 5-10 mins. This weekend I was able to carry her myself. It may not seem like a big deal but to me it was. Especially since she cuddled in and laid her head on my shoulder.”

MM100 results


What do you get with MM100?

– Dry Erase Wall Calendar & Pen

– Be 100 Book (this will be epic)

– Get Started Guide

– Nutrition Guide

-5 Mini Meltdown 5-Pack prep workouts (unlock with purchase)

-Introduction to Morning Meltdown 100 Nutrition video available on BOD (can still follow 2bmindset or Ultimate portion Fix meal plans if you are currently following those)

Coaches Get A Sneak Peek of 1st 10 workouts on BOD (through July 15th)

Morning Meltdown 100


When Can I Start?

You can sign up as a coach today and gain access on July 1. You can sign up for my Fit For Life group and gain access on July 16th! Click here and let me know which option you want! 



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