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Beachbody Changes

Beachbody Changes & How To Use BODI Platform

Beachbody Changes & How To Use BODI Platform     Beachbody has made lots of changes over the years. We are constantly growing and evolving. Beachbody is now known as BODI. It better reflects our mission and goals. We are also evolving with technology and now we can bring more fitness and nutrition experts to […]

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At home hiit workout


AT HOME HIIT     I love cardio and HIIT workouts. This one doesn’t have as much jumping as some of my other workouts so I hope you try this at home HIIT workout. You don’t need any equipment and not that much space so try it out.         Want more workouts, […]

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At Home Leg Workout

At Home Leg Workout   I love leg day. I missed it for months when I had severely sprained my ankle. So I am slowly getting back into them and this at home leg workout is one that will WORK those legs and glutes. I love using dumbbells, bands and sliders. You can also use […]

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womens workout circuit

Women’s 12 Minute Shoulder & Core Circuit

    Happy 2022!!! I hope you are making time for yourself this year. Just 20 – 30 minutes can make a big difference. But let’s start small… This 12 minute shoulder and core workout is quick, fun and effective. No excuse about time this is shorter than a sit com! If you want your […]

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BODI classes

Beachbody & MYX II Bike

Beachbody & MYX II Bike   Beachbody just upped the game with the partnership with MYX and is adding the new and improved MYXII bike. BODI is the new Beachbody Interactive platform where we now offer live classes. Some of those live classes are also cycle classes and this is where the MYX Bike comes […]

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645 fitness program

645 Fitness Program

645 Fitness Program   645 fitness is our summer workout program and its a good one. While I loved The Work….that is a bit extreme and advanced for many people. The beauty of 645 is you still get strength and intensity but you get a better focus on form, mobility  and mind muscle connection.   […]

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HIIT workout

HIIT Cardio Core Workout

HIIT CARDIO CORE WORKOUT         Need a quick or effective workout? This  hiit cardio core workout is great because you can do it at home or on the go and with or without any equipment. Each move is 20 seconds, with a 10 second rest before the next exercise. Go through set […]

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AMRAP Workouts

AMRAP WORKOUTS   AMRAP means as many rounds or reps as possible. So in this AMRAP workout see how many rounds of each AMRAP you can do. Set the timer for 4 minutes and go! These are great because the time passes quickly and before you know it your workout is done. These are taken […]

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cardio core workout

Cardio Core Workout At Home

Cardio Core Workout At Home     Need a quick workout to break a sweat and get the heart rate up? Give this Cardio Core at home workout a try.   If you are short on time just do 2 sets of cardio verse 3 and shorten the core workouts to only 30 seconds instead […]

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upper body workout women

Women’s Upper Body Workout

Women’s Upper Body Workout     If you are reading this we are still in the midst of covid and the end of 2020. One thing that has kept me going all year are my workouts and fit for life community. I am not a newbie to home workouts. Ive been doing them on and […]

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9 week control freak

9 Week Control Freak

9 WEEK CONTROL FREAK     The newest beach body fitness program, 9week control freak is finally here. Coaches now have access to this program and the public will get VIP early access on December 21, 2020. It will not launch on regular BOD until summer 2021 but you will still need the accessory bundle […]

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Full Body Workout For Women

Full Body Workout For Women

Full Body Workout For Women   Well we are over 8 months in quarantine and looks like we may be back to another lock down. So let’s keep our energy up and bodies moving with this full body workout for women. But really its a good one for anyone! Just need some dumbbells, and sliders. […]

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upper body workout

12 Minute Upper Body Burn

12 Minute Upper Body Burn Some times you are short on time and just need a quick effective workout. When I need a great total body workout, this 12 minute upper body burn is one I go to. You can add 12 minutes of legs and 10 minute abs and give yourself a great, quick […]

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Total body workout at home

Total Body Workout At Home

Total Body Workout At Home   Gyms may be back open but I am still not comfortable being inside one. Thats why this total body workout at home is perfect. All you need are some dumbbells. If you don’t have weights I have some members of my virtual classes uses water bottles or canned soup. […]

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