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645 Fitness Program

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645 Fitness Program

645 fitness program


645 fitness is our summer workout program and its a good one. While I loved The Work….that is a bit extreme and advanced for many people. The beauty of 645 is you still get strength and intensity but you get a better focus on form, mobility  and mind muscle connection.


645 fitness program


This program starts with a longer warm up. Its about 10 minutes long which is really great to warm up muscle and fire up those glutes before we get into lifting or agility. Especially if you workout first thing in the morning, a proper warm up will allow you a better workout and less chance of injury.


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6 WORKOUTS, 4 Stages

Each 45-minute workout starts with 10 minutes of activation to get your body warm and ready for the work to come. Then it’s time to give your maximum effort and focus until the cool down at the end. There are 6 workouts a week that follow the same schedule for 13 weeks, for a total of 78 workouts.

  • Lower Body Strength (Monday) -Get those booty gains with this full-body workout that focuses on your lower half.

  • Total Body Power (Tuesday)-Burn fat with powerful moves that target major muscle groups.

  • Mobility & Stability (Wednesday)- calm your mind and enhance your recovery and performance with breathing, stretching, and mobility drills

  • Upper Body Strength (Thursday)- A full-body workout with an emphasis on the chest, back, arms, and shoulders.

  • Total Body Tempo (Friday)-Follow Amoila’s pace and tempo to optimize the muscle-building power of every rep

  • Cardio 45 (Saturday)- Build multidirectional speed and agility while you get your heart pumping and calories burning.

  • 11 Bonus Workouts -These workouts can be combined with your regular workouts to target specific muscle groups or trouble areas. Additional equipment including a foam roller, a mat, a pull-up bar, and a Beachbody Control Track may be required for bonus workouts.


What equipment is needed?

Power Loops (new) and Light/Medium/Heavy Weights are required. A mat is optional. These next-generation resistance bands feature a grippier, woven texture that helps sculpt, strengthen, and define your body. Two Power Loops are included: light resistance (grey) and heavy resistance (black).


645 fitness program


I am in week 1 ( Week of July 5, 2021) and so far loving it. If you are advanced I recommend going heavier and doing shorter breaks instead of 45 seconds I have been doing 20-30 seconds in stead.


Day 1- Lower Body 



Day 2 -power



Day 4- Upper body





You can try the sample workout below. Reminder he does more talking during the sample than the actual program to explain what the program is about and what to expect throughout it. Check it out!



645 Sample Workout from TeamBeachbody on Vimeo.









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