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Colonoscopy Prep

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Colonoscopy Prep


If you have been following my gut health testing, you know its been quite the journey. Blood work, stool tests, SIBO test and now a colonoscopy & endoscopy. I heard colonoscopy prep was rough, they were not kidding!

I don’t take lots of supplements as I believe in food as medicine and choose organic responsibly raised meats, local and organic produce. And since our produce does not contain the same nutrients it once did I do supplement with my superfood nutrition. This is great for your overall health, nutrition and your gut health. But during a colonoscopy prep they need you to remove certain foods & supplements.

Since my superfood shake contains Iron and Vitamin E, chia seed, and green tea extract, I had to stop it 7 days prior to the colonoscopy. So if you take Ginseng, Ginkgo,  garlic or fish oil you also need to stop it 7 days prior. 4 days before the colonoscopy I had to remove all nuts , seeds, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, chia, quinoa, beans and rye bread (which I don’t eat either). That part was not so hard although I realize I eat many things with almonds. So Tuesday night was my final solid meal.


However the day before a colonoscopy is a bit more rough.

The colonoscopy prep for the day before is an all liquid diet. Clear liquids. Nothing with red or purple dyes or colors. Basically I survived off black coffee (which I do daily) bone broth (which I use weekly) and as a last resort sugar free lemon JELLO! Eh!


You betcha I ate all that JELLO!!!!!

I tried to stay busy. I was dragging on energy and as you can see I like to make light on my social media. Why not educate, encourage and entertain others at my own expense! OKAY  now for the hardest part of prep. Thank goodness I scheduled a sub to cover my fitness class as I def needed to be near a bathroom.Everyone warned me about the PREP! So at 6pm I mixed one 6oz bottle of SUPREP with water and began to drink it. Its flipping gross the more you drink it. Its like watered down thick cough syrup! EW!!!! However it took me about an hour and a half for it to begin to work. But once it was in effect I was living in the bathroom. It was a late night!

And just when you are glad its over, you get to do it all over again the next morning. Oh joy! Now I don’t know if you are supposed to but I did have a cup of black coffee. I needed it. I also started my prep almost an hour earlier as I wanted to make sure I was all cleaned out by the time of the appointment as I did not want to have to do this all over again! It was not as bad tasting or as rough this morning I must say so thats a positive. I do have to stop all liquid even water about 4 hours prior to the appointment. I am being knocked out for the colonoscopy & endoscopy and I am actually happy about that lol.

*UPDATE– all went fine as I suspected. They took some biopsies but images appear normal. I didn’t have any gas or much bloating after the procedure. I just had a tummy ache and woke up with one. I think the Suprep is still going through my system. I did learn they use carbon dioxide now verse straight air which makes post procedure easier and more comfortable. So while this still leaves me with no results, I am going to schedule a food allergy prick test and go from there. For anyone going through health issues, keep fighting and for anyone about to have a colonoscopy I hope this helps!

colonoscopy prep


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