IBS and gut health testing

IBS and Gut Health Testing

If you struggle with autoimmune or IBS you know how crappy it can be. For those who know my history with IBS and how I had dramatically improved it with nutrition and supplements, 2018 has been a different story. Well shit happens and people don’t like to talk about it. But I am. I have really connected with others on IG who have shared their health journey. I have found specialists all over the world to follow and gain insight from. So while this is a shitty situation, i’m not afraid to share it.

Since February, I have not felt right. I have really become in tune with my body, maybe that happens when you struggle so much with digestion and food sensitivities. Either way, its been exhausting. Truly. I have felt chronically exhausted. If I had it my way id sleep 24/7 and still be tired. This is why I had my thyroid tested. Still waiting on those results.

My stomach issues have intensified. Things that worked before don’t seem to be working as well now. I have eliminated so many foods that after eating each time give me issues. In high school I tested for lactose intolerance so I always stay away from dairy. Since then I’ve eliminated gluten, legumes, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and peanuts. But these days it doesn’t seem to matter what I eat. Ive put on weight I can’t lose (which is frustrating as a fitness coach).

So my PCP who ran the thyroid and blood labs sent me to a Gastroenterologist. She and I wanted to be aggressive and do a full work up. She was amazed some of these tests have never been run before. So we scheduled a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Also I had to call another facility to schedule a SIBO test (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) and then she had me do a 3 day stool test. One thing we are also looking for is parasites. Also we are checking for C-diff as I have been on and off antibiotics for 2 years.

SO,  I tried to make light of the situation….

I about died when they gave this too me! The not so glamorous + quite hilarious side of figuring out what is going on with my body. Here is a laugh on me. If you are eating breakfast, skip this video until later😂

Posted by Jackie Enos Fitness on Wednesday, October 24, 2018


YUP, you heard it right! I literally died when they gave me a PAINT CAN…what am I a horse?? LOL So I had to use that for the 3 days (Wednesday-Friday). I even had to leave a hammer in the bathroom because you have to hammer the lid closed each time LOL!!!! Oh and they forgot to mention that I had to keep it refrigerated over the 3 days. My hubby refused to open the fridge, such a baby! It was hammered closed, with a special ring, an absorbent sheet they gave me, in a biohazard bag, and I had that on a tray. So it was fine!

To be honest the first 2 days was not bad. In fact it was almost thee best I have felt in a while. I was like COME ON GOD, now is NOT the time to be fixing me!!!! Well I got my wish today. I did not feel so good waking up this morning. I also had to fill 8 small tubes today too. Some had liquid or gel already inside which I had to be careful not to spill. I read and re-read the fine print and directions (which I never do) a million times. Did you know even after going through all this, they could REJECT your specimen???

Yup, so I was doing everything I could to make sure that did NOT HAPPEN!

fecal fat test

They seemed pretty unhappy I didn’t use the plastic tray (which they called a hat). But they took the samples. So hopefully all that processes and they can test it and I truly and praying something shows up! So stayed tuned for part 2 after the SIBO test. I will also get the results of my thyroid, and then I get knocked out for the unfortunate colonoscopy!

But truly my social media family you have been so wonderful with your prayers and well wishes it truly does mean a lot♥

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