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A shake a day keeps the DOCTOR away….

Four Shakeology Flavors

I would love for you all to reap the nutritional benefits of shakeology too! Since incorporating 1 shake a day  since 2014 I feel energized, have less sweet cravings, my digestion has improved dramatically, my clients and team have lost weight and I get a daily dose of dense nutrition. No matter how healthy I eat, or how healthy you eat, the reality is the produce today is NOT as nutritious as it was 15 years ago!

Let’s back up and talk about my digestion for a moment so you can understand WHY I feel so passionately about this superfood. During my sophomore year of high school I started having issues. I had to go to the bathroom all the time. I was gassy and bloated  A LOT! At the time I ran cross country for my school and we thought maybe all the running and breathing in air was what was making me gassy. Did it have an impact? Probably not.

Prior to this I didn’t eat healthy. I loved all baked goods, pastas, pizza and fries. But thank goodness I ended up with a new cross country coach who was into health and fitness BIG TIME. She didn’t force nutrition on us, but she lead by example. So I started eating more fruits and veggies and less processed crap and I felt better. But I still had digestion issues.

I ended up going to a gastroenterologist and had some tests done. One was this horrible barium test! Well it came back I had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome and was lactose intolerant). I stayed away from dairy and that helped. I switched to black coffee and that helped. But I always had issues and random flareups especially when I was run down or under a lot of stress.

It was bad during my freshman year of college. Almost before my eating disorder that I developed that year took force. I went through a phase where I ran from restroom to restroom around campus. I was pooping out whole food and losing weight. I felt awful and my stomach hurt all the time. First I thought it was just cafeteria food but that wasn’t it.

So I did try and keep a strict diet and tried eliminating a lot of things….

FAST FORWARD 5-7 years and I was now living in Maryland with my boyfriend. I ate extremely healthy. I worked out daily. Yet my IBS was getting worse. I went through a good 8-12 months living in hell and so did my boyfriend. Most things I ate upset me. By the afternoons my belly was always bloated and extremely swollen. It hurt like crazy and man did I have some bad gas that was hard to release.

Every night I would end up in the bathroom. When my stomach goes out or I have a flare up (which at the time was a daily occurrence) it wipes the living energy out of me. I can barely crawl into bed, put my heating pad on my belly and pass out.

At the beginning of 2014 I became and online coach and started drinking shakeology. I wasn’t doing it to improve my health at the time, heck I ate crazy healthy. But I always figured more nutrition cant hurt. Plus the more research I did about our food sources the more I knew my body was missing key nutrients.

boss babe

I started with the regular chocolate which did mean whey protein. I had used other cheap whey proteins for years and even though they made me bloated and gassy, it was protein and thats what I thought I should be drinking….heck everyone else who worked out did right?

Well the first 2 weeks were rough. Literally as soon as I was finished drinking the shake, it would go right through me. I was told it was my body getting used to a power punch of nutrients and the probiotics in it so I was willing to ride it out. Hell it tasted amazing and I was going the bathroom anyway. But after 2 weeks my body adjusted…..

I started having more energy. My skin looked better. But the best part was 2 months in, one night while my boyfriend at the time and I were watching tv, he turned to me. He said “ya know babe, you have not been sick in a while.” I smiled and said, “I know”! You see I had not changed ANYTHING in my diet. The food was the same. I had not taken any new vitamins. The ONLY change was Shakeology.

gut health

With delicious flavors from Chocolate ( my FAVORITE), Cafe Latte, Vanilla, Strawberry, Greenberry plus Vegan Tropical Strawberry and Vegan Chocolate, Vegan Cafe Latte, and Vegan Vanilla there is one or multiple flavors for everyone. You can even get combo boxes of mixed flavors.


I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I have always been busy. Not long after this I also started teaching fitness classes, building my online business and still had a regular 9-5 that I disliked.I got up and worked out by 5 am daily and I even babysat on the side. I NEEDED to feel good, hell I WANTED to. I needed to have energy for a full day. This one magical bag of nutrition did that for me!

shakeology and gut health

Are you ready to feel good again too? Are you tired of the bathroom being a second job? Is it a cure all? No. But I have countless clients and coaches who have had remarkable transformations with their digestion by simply having 1 shake a day!

digestion and shakeology

So what do you say, read to give shakeology a try and let it improve your gut health and over all health too? What do you have to lose?


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