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LIIFT4 Leg Day 50/50

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LIIFT 4 Leg Day 50/50


I just wrapped up week 3 of LIIFT4 and this weeks leg day was half heavy lifting and half plyo. I loved it!


Just a few words that come to mind when I think of strength and attacking leg day. I love leg day. I get excited for it even when I’m dealing exhausted ???? As soon as I push play and out my  on its go time.

It’s week 3. It’s 50/50. It’s Lifting & HIIT Combo Time.
It’s time to channel my inner beast and push through. One of my husbands lifting buddies said he wants to know what kind of speed I’m taking 

I love it.
I lifted heavier not by much but I increased weights.
I was dripping sweat.
I was breathing heavy after Plyometrics.
I loved every minute.

Attitude is everything.
Want to be fierce? Channel it.
Want to go Beastmode? Don’t stop.
Want to feel like a badass? LIFT!

I may be finishing week 3 but I’m not stopping!!!!
It’s not too late for you either. Start now. Sign up and join me for my August Attack Group.

Let’s see what your truly made of!

You can still get this LIFTING program through September!

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