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Healthy Eating Tips When Traveling

healthy travel tips
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Healthy Eating Tips When Traveling

If you are like me, you enjoy traveling, seeing new places, trying new restaurants and just getting away from your normal day to day for a bit. But if you are someone who lives a healthy fit life chances are you eat pretty healthy but sometimes its not as easy to stick to your healthy eating when on the road.

If I am traveling for a few days in the states, I always make sure my hotel room has a mini fridge. I also use my 6packbag  


It comes with about 6 containers in this bag.

I can precook my breakfast mix of egg whites, veggies and turkey.

I can cook chicken breast and steam veggies.

These are just my usual foods you can make whatever you want. Then when I get to the hotel I move those containers into the mini fridge.

healthy travel tips


Maybe you are going on a 3 day trip or mini road trip. Maybe you don’t want to make food in advance. Here are my handy go to snacks for travel that don’t require a fridge.

EPIC brand chicken bars. The Bison bars are yummy too.

Chomps jerky sticks

Tuna packets in water

Coconut Secret – coconut amino travel packets (I get mine at whole foods) I put this on everything from veggies to any kind of protein!

Beachbars – I eat the chocolate cherry almond but if you do well with peanut butter the chocolate peanut butter ones are to die for!

Almond butter packets– I get these at Giant, Target or Whole Foods

Shakeology Packets– my go to is Chocolate or Cafe Latte

Lono Life -Bone Broth Sticks (this saved me big time on our LONG honeymoon flights especially since my tummy usually gets upset when I fly.

Lono Life– Protein Coffee sticks. They taste pretty good and are great when you need a coffee fix when traveling and need to get in a bit more protein.

Oster Travel Blender– Super cheap and light weight at target. The only time I don’t bring one with me is when I go home to visit my parents, I just use their blender.

Energize Pre-workout packets ( the only non jittery pre workout)

Small apples, avocados, mini bag of mini carrots, rice cakes, and nuts.


When we went on our 3 week honeymoon traveling to multiple countries I brought everything mentioned above, minus the blender because I had no room left in my suitcase.

I also did not bring my 6pack bag as it was international and we were going from one place to the next (or the apple). But my daily shakes and protein bars and health fat in the form of almond butter packets came in super handy!

Here are just a few pics from how my protein sticks, bars and shakes came in handy on our around the world honeymoon! I came back from my honeymoon in better shape than when I left!

healthy travel snacks

I also travel with my workouts. First whenever possible we also find hotels with gyms. When we go home to visit my parents we often get free gym passes at random local gyms. I have HUNDREDS of workouts to choose from. Some that need weights, loops, or bands and dozens that do not. The workouts I travel with are on my phone or laptop all inside this APP! There is every style of fitness. I have no excuses. Most you don’t need much space. You don’t need a lot of equipment and you don’t need to spend hours working out.

Check It Out

I hope these tips help you. Be sure to give some of the items listed above a try. Your nutrition is worth it and they make traveling so much easier. You never know what items  that are healthy you will find once you get there. Maybe you get stuck on a delayed flight or in an extra hour of traffic.

Instead of becoming HANGRY you now have something healthy and yummy to snack on until you get where you are going or until you get a full meal. Need options for what to do at a gym or when you travel,

check it out and jump in my fitness community

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