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Barre Blend Results

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Barre Blend Results

I almost did not do this fitness program, therefore I almost missed out on Barre Blend. I’m a firm believer you have to enjoy your workout, although you may not love it. Some days you may not want to do it but in general you have to connect to that program. Our fitness company comes out with a few new fitness programs each year. I do NOT do all of them. If I don’t jive with the style or the trainer, as a result that program is not for me.

I’ve done 2 programs before that were NOT my style and I HATED having to do the workouts. One was a dancing program. I AM NOT A DANCER!!!! I lasted 2 weeks. I knew it wasn’t for me but gave it a shot. The other was a 30 day cardio kickboxing one. Which I actually enjoyed the trainers and the workouts. I got awesome core results but to do that style every day was not my thing and by week 2 I was bored. I finished it since it was only 30 days.

Barre blend is an 8 week program. When us coaches first got word of the program, I already said it wasn’t for me. Yup I had a negative mindset about it. I said I like high impact high intensity workout and ones with heavy weights. I struggle with balance and flexibility and I am not a dancer. I was ready to write it off but as soon as our sample workout came out, I WAS HOOKED!!!

It was the perfect way to start off 2020! The new year celebration kicked off. I had my crew of ladies inside my FIT FOR LIFE group and it was go time!

The beautiful thing abut this program is there are a few prep workouts to help you get familiar of with the style of movement. For me and most of my group we are used to traditional fitness, squats, lunges, planks, burpees, shoulder presses bicep curls etc. Moving in a graceful way is not natural for me. However this trainer has such a wealth of knowledge and experience, so she FUSED traditional Barre with traditional Fitness and created a beautiful program that kept us coming back for more!

I cannot explain how infectious the words, attitude, vibe, inspiration, affirmational trainer Elise is. It’s a HUGE reason why each of us ladies wanted to do round 2 of this program. We cannot get enough of her. It was the perfect way to start our day. Bonus was each day she chose a motivational card before each workout. I also pulled my own card and it really set the tone for my workout and my day.

I fell in love with this program. It’s actually not designed for those who already have loads of flexibility. The program progresses week by week. There are 3-4 levels shown at all times so you always have a place to grow to. The modifier is amazing. I followed the mid level and advanced through all of round 1. However she designed it so you can go through it 3 times and level up each time. Round 1 low level. Round 2 mid level. Round 3 Advanced. So whether you are a beginner to fitness or an athlete you can do this program and still feel challenged and successful.

I say this all the time, I do not start new programs looking to lose weight. I don’t exercise to lose weight. Yes most of my members in my community are on a weight loss journey. I do it because I love it. It fuels me. It energizes me. It gives me life. I feel accomplished after a workout. I crave movement. It’s just part of healthy living. HOWEVER no matter how active or fit, there is always room for progress.

I was looking to improve my flexibility and range of motion. Sure I wanted to lean out some of my muscle. I wanted to gain a stronger core. I did all that and more!!! I also gained more confidence and she is all about letting go of self-conciousness. Thats a big one and I let loose a bit more too.

Here are my stats:

Weight: 133- 129.5lbs

Waist: 31-28

Hips: 36-31

Left arm: 12-11

Right arm: 12-11

Left leg: 21-20

Right leg: 21-20

Body fat down 2%


So check out my journey. Watch for the improvements. Not just slimming down and more defined abs but height in my leg raises. How far I have come in my range of motion. I am already in round 2 and loving it!

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