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upper body workout

12 Minute Upper Body Burn

12 Minute Upper Body Burn Some times you are short on time and just need a quick effective workout. When I need a great total body workout, this 12 minute upper body burn is one I go to. You can add 12 minutes of legs and 10 minute abs and give yourself a great, quick […]

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skin care prevention

Skin Care Prevention

Skin Care Prevention I heard for years I should start taking care of my skin but I didn’t take it too seriously. I am in my late 30’s and wish I had started sooner. Especially since I had some scary moles removed and they even removed a chunk of skin from my thigh. So while […]

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Insanity Instructor

Virtual Classes

Virtual Classes   Let’s get our group fitness on! It works in your favor if you don’t live near me and can’t normally take my classes at a local gym, now you can. Below are the types of classes and times and the instructions on how to join CLASSES & TIMES:  Metkon Rx ( Metabolic […]

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upper body circuit

Total Upper Body Circuit

Total Upper Body Circuit I love breaking arm days down into chest & triceps, back & biceps, shoulders but somedays I like total body lift or in this case a total upper body circuit. This routine hit each area. I love this shirt but I think it should say: Coffee Coffee Coffee Lift Stretch Sleep […]

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Chasing Goals

Chasing Goals Shoutout to those chasing their goals Shoutout to those who brave the cold Shoutout to those who didn’t sleep in Shoutout to those who start their day fit Shoutout to those who push past challenges Shoutout to those who crushed class 6am and it’s dark and cold 6am and it’s their day off […]

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fitness first

Fitness First

  Fitness First When you put your fit life first everything else falls into place… Less anxiety ⭕️More energy Less aging ⭕️More youthful Less self doubt ⭕️More self worth Less negativity ⭕️More positivity Less staying stagnant ⭕️ More forward momentum Just a few of the internal benefits of moving every damn day! I am blessed ?to start […]

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Here’s to the Crazy Ones & Late Bloomers

Here’s to the Crazy Ones & Late Bloomers Are you like me and developed late? My mom knew from the time I was tiny that I would be a late bloomer. I have just always had a way of doing things, excelling at things on MY TIME. I was not good in school, it was […]

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