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Colonoscopy Prep

Colonoscopy Prep If you have been following my gut health testing, you know its been quite the journey. Blood work, stool tests, SIBO test and now a colonoscopy & endoscopy. I heard colonoscopy prep was rough, they were not kidding! I don’t take lots of supplements as I believe in food as medicine and choose […]

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Crockpot Salsa Chicken With Spanish Cauliflower Rice

Crockpot Salsa Chicken Crockpot salsa chicken is so yummy and healthy. Who doesn’t love a good crockpot meal? They are simple,easy and you don’t have to think about it or tend to it much. Which is great for me as I am always on the go, and usually doing 5 things at once.  I like […]

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healthy travel tips

Healthy Eating Tips When Traveling

Healthy Eating Tips When Traveling If you are like me, you enjoy traveling, seeing new places, trying new restaurants and just getting away from your normal day to day for a bit. But if you are someone who lives a healthy fit life chances are you eat pretty healthy but sometimes its not as easy […]

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bone broth benefits

Bone Broth Benefits and IBS

Bone Broth Benefits for those with  & without IBS Have you heard of bone broth before? I first heard about bone broth and all the benefits of bone broth three years ago and I just assumed it was the normal broth you find in the grocery store that you use when you make soup or […]

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