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Total Body Cardio Workout

21 day fix
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Total Body Cardio Workout

If you have been following me on social  then you know we are re-filming the loved 21 day fix and fix extreme. Those who purchase the new nutrition program Ultimate Portion Fix have access. The cool thing with these videos is they are filmed in real time each day. AND instead of repeating the same 7 workouts for 3 weeks they will change and progress week to week. The workout calendar changes too so your body is constantly guessing and changing and never hitting that plateau!

Here are a few clips from Mondays total body cardio.

This may be thee most boring video you have ever seen……Bu just grab a set of weights. 1 minute each side leading. Get that heart rate pumping, work those legs and work that core. Be sure to follow my stories daily on Instagram as I show more of the moves there.
I am happy for a change in workouts. I like variety, I actually enjoy working out so I make sure I am never bored in my workouts. Thankfully I have hundreds to choose from so that never happens.
I’m doing 20lbs here. I love this move so wanted a bigger challenge. If you need to start with no weights or lighter ones go for it. Once you build up that stamina you will be able to progress to heavier weights.


I had a day 1 once. I could do cardio for hours but strength training I was ???? but I started. I started small and with light weights. Years later strength training is a part of my life just like cardio is. ????????‍♀️

So try this move. If you need help with your workouts, don’t actually have a plan or need to balance out between classes you take and actually targeting ???? your body in the right ways, and may need to tweak that nutrition then message me!

If you keep doing the same thing you have always done, you will get the same results you’ve always had! You can still access these workouts, all you need is the new Ultimate Portion Fix!

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