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Cardio Fix

21 day fix
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Cardio Fix

21 day fix

Are you a fan of cardio or is it like pulling teeth to get you to do it?

You may know I am a cardio junkie 

Years ago I loved all forms, long steady state cardio,  HIIT or shorter intervals

Now I rarely do long form steady state. Cardio is good for the body but research has shown that HIIT and intervals are better long term.

When I teach my insanity classes movements are 30 seconds or 1 minute. Your constantly firing up the heart-rate and lowering it which is great for burning fat but also keeping your body and muscles guessing.

Here is one of the workouts from this week. It’s only 30 minutes but each move is 1 minute on 30 second rest & then repeat. It’s quick & effective.

So especially if you hate long steady state cardio give this a try.

Ps- you can still access these bonus workouts ????

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