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EMOM Workout
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First save this ???? it’s a goodie we did in Bootcamp this week……

3 rounds

5 minutes each round

1 minute each exercise

Complete all 5, rest 1 minute, repeat repeat

  • Thrusters
  • Deadlift upright row
  • Front squats
  • Full burpees
  • V-ups

I’ve chatted with a few ladies this past week who are working out 4-5 days a week but not seeing results. Aside from nutrition, are your workouts intentional?

Do you have a solid plan? Are you progressing week to week? Are you changing movement patterns and muscle groups or are you doing the same thing over and over?

The body & mind need change and variety to thrive. That’s why I love the programs in my fit group. It’s always changing. Always a new workout to progress too. That’s why my fit members are seeing some awesome results!

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