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Living Room Refresh

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Living Room Refresh


Living Room Refresh

This living room refresh has taken a bit longer than I anticipated but I am still having fun slowly but surely transforming it.

If you have been following along with #operationlivingroommakeover I shared a few months ago my living room mood board. How it started and how it’s changed over time.

The easy part is the walls will remain the same DOVETAIL gray shade. They just need a fresh coat. I originally thought the two easiest walls would be the accent wall and the window wall. My original time line had me finishing those two walls weeks ago.

Most projects never go according to plan and neither wall are complete.

I ordered peel and stick wallpaper after receiving several samples in the mail. I thought it would be a simple project. However it took us 2 days and we still had half a wall to paper and it looked awful. I follow several accounts on Instagram who use peel and stick wallpaper all over their homes. I don’t think all brands are created equally. This paper was just too thin. The pattern I chose was NOT forgiving and showed every bubble and crease.

So I scratched that plan and started looking at adhesive wallpaper. Im still waiting on samples….

Here are some styles im looking at:






While I wait on wallpaper, it’s time for some demo and lots of painting.

Step 1: demo the pony wall






With the new couch coming, in an L shape, the pony wall is no longer needed and will make the entrance feel crowded.




We ordered the couch in color silver fox. While yes it is another shade of gray its not as dark as the walls. Plus I know with some blue accent pillow and light neutral curtains it will come together nicely.

Once I finished the pony wall I moved on to installing this pretty curtain rod. Since I love glam it has a nice  touch of bling on it.



Next up is curtains. Since it is truly hard to gauge a shade online, I ordered the sample first. I really loved two of the color options. They are so close in shade. One is beige white, one is ivory white. I ended up going with the ivory white.

I contacted the seller after I placed the order and I ended up being able to custom size it for free. I ordered the 96 long knowing it would be just a bit too long. They hemmed them for free before shipping. They made them 90 inches long and are perfect.





While I waited for curtains to arrive, I began the long task of painting. I started with the window wall. I then moved onto the hallway. The wall colors are sherwin williams DOVETAIL and the trim is EXTRA WHITE. I also replaced the old vent covers with newer vent covers that are paintable.







Thats my living room refresh update. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint, new lighter curtains and a neutral wallpaper can do to a space. Stay tuned for more updates. If you need a little refresh in your living room or any room in your home, start with some fresh paint. Then add new curtains.


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