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Best Amazon Curtains

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Best Amazon Curtains


amazon curtains

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I am sure you have seen these amazon curtains floating around social. If not, now you have. The company is amazing, responsive, high quality and surprisingly fast shipping.

I read a million reviews, looked at hundreds of photos online, even ordered this sampler kit before ordering my curtains. I was actually torn between the beige white and ivory white. Lightening always makes a difference. I looked at both samples in the space, against other room decor during the morning, sunlight, evening, raining day and finally decided to go with the Ivory White.

Our old curtains my husband previously purchased 14 years ago as a bachelor. They have the rings for the curtain rod to go through it. I didn’t want this look. I wanted a higher end look with pinched pleats. Well custom pinched pleated curtains can cost you an arm and a leg!!! Until NOW!!!!


best amazon curtains

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Check out my new living room amazon curtains:





I ordered the 96 long but then messaged the seller about making them 90 instead. They did it for free! We love how bright they make the living room but still provide privacy at night without super dark curtains. We decided we wanted the ends to feel fuller. So Im moving the 2 original end panels that are 50 wide to the dining room.

I just ordered new curtains at 84 inches wide. I like the fuller look the provide. The two inside panels we left at 50 wide. I think it allows us to open the middle wider for more light this way and provides more privacy on the ends.


best amazon curtains

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