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Trifecta VS. Factor Meal Delivery

Trifecta meal delivery
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Trifecta Vs. Factor Meal Delivery


****I was sponsored by Trifecta meal delivery to try their meal delivery dishes and their competitor Factor

and write about my experience and which I liked best. Check it out***


Trifecta meal delivery


As a fitness fanatic, I always make time to get a workout in, and between being a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and online fitness coach (as well as a home organizer, a DIY diva, and lifestyle blogger), I tend to work up quite an appetite. But eating well and making sure you get your macros right is a huge part of achieving your fitness goals.

And while I enjoy cooking my own meals, so I know exactly what I am eating, there are many days when I just don’t have the time to cook. When I need fast, easy, and HEALTHY meals, there are only two prepared meal services that I turn to. Both Trifecta and Factor_ deliver freshly cooked meals designed by nutritionists, but which one will give you the best results? Here’s a comparison of Trifecta and Factor_:


Trifecta meal delivery


If you’re looking for the tastiest meals… Trifecta


When comparing taste and flavor, both my husband and I enjoy Trifecta’s meals more. My husband loved the Kung Pao Shrimp so much that he can’t wait to eat it again. I am not a big sauce girl, but there is just enough for great flavor on the Trifecta meals.

The Factor_ meals had less protein and veggies, and the taste was a bit bland. Of course, taste is very subjective and maybe we just chose the wrong options. With Factor_, you can choose which meals you want from a rotating weekly menu. Trifecta’s menu also changes weekly but after you’ve indicated your dietary needs and preferences, you’ll receive the chef’s choice of meals that we found much tastier.


If you’re looking for bigger portion sizes… Trifecta

Trifecta Vs Factor


I like volume in my meals so I personally love that Trifecta meal portions are more generous. I also eat a lot of protein and had no problem choosing options from Trifecta that met my dietary needs (gluten, dairy, legume, and soy free) and provided ample protein and veggies. When I look at the salmon option with Factor_, compared to the salmon, chicken, or shrimp with Trifecta you can instantly see a larger portion with Trifecta.

I purposely saved these meals for after a long day of travel, organizing someone’s kitchen and pantry, and post-workout. Trifecta stands out as being more filling. I was craving more when I finished my Factor_ meals.


If you’re looking for the most affordable… Factor_

Trifecta’s order minimum is 7 meals starting at $110.99, so about $15 per meal. Meanwhile, Factor_’s order minimum is 4 meals for $60 or $15 per meal. Or you can get 6 -8 meals per week for $12.83 per meal.

Trifecta offers a meal prep option where you can bulk order cooked proteins, carbs, and, veggies that is more affordable if you’d like to build your own meals but in terms of prepared meals, Factor_ has a lower minimum order amount and lower costs per serving.


Trifecta meal plans


If you’re looking for nutritional support… Trifecta


One great thing about Trifecta if you are newer to understanding nutrition is you can reach out and actually talk to a Nutrition Coach. They can help provide you with the best plan, based on your fitness and nutrition goals as well as any dietary restrictions you may have. You can access free nutrition coaching via the Trifecta app.

In fact, the Trifecta app is an invaluable resource for tracking your meals and workouts, as well as connecting with the Trifecta community. Factor_ does offer a complimentary 20-minute consultation with a nutritionist when you first sign up but doesn’t offer the free ongoing support as Trifecta that’s so crucial in any fitness journey.


The Ultimate Winner… Trifecta

If you are busting butt in the gym but not refueling your muscles and body properly you will not see those results. But if you’re like me, you probably don’t have much time to cook. A simple meal delivery gives you the best of both worlds. Great nutrition that is convenient and easy to make. Just heat and enjoy!

For me, Trifecta is the healthy meal service that will give me the best results. It keeps me feeling fuller and satisfied for longer and the Trifecta app is an invaluable tool to keep me on the right track. By the way, do not sleep on the Kung Pao chicken with broccoli and sweet potato! It is CHEF’S KISS!!!

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