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Living Room Mood Board

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Living Room Mood Board

Living room mood board

Do you know what a mood board is?

I love to make them when creating a new space or designing a room. I’ll show you how I designed my living room mood board.

A mood board is just a visual idea of what you want a room to look like. It can include a color scheme, a vibe, textures and more. Im a visual person so I love to create mood boards. Just know that a mood board can and most likely will shift and change as you go through the design process.

Your style or mood will change. A look you first wanted might no longer work with your space or vibe. An item you wanted may no longer be in stock and you need to shift the design to something else.

At the end of 2021 I started creating a mood board for our living room. Ive always wanted a white couch but I know how hard they are to keep clean. Plus I know my husband would never spend money on one. These are ones I looked at.

So then I THOGHT I wanted to try something BOLD and go with a COLORED couch instead of staying with my usual neutral colors…..

Because our walls soak up paint, we knew we had to keep our living room and hallway painted the same DOVE TAIL gray from Sherman Williams. Originally I thought wouldn’t a blue couch be a nice pop.

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living room mood board

I know its not the best image but Canva is how I get my ideas out. I knew the walls would be gray. A blue sofa, velvet curtains, and a lighter rug with modern metal and glass accents would help bring life, luxury and a sophisticated vibe to our home.

Ryan, my husband will add built ins on either side of the fire place and we have a new picture frame TV that will go above a new mantle we will build. Our current mantle is ornate and large and doesn’t fit my vibe. It’s also too high currently to put a tv above it.

I was still planning on a blue sofa up until a few weeks ago. Part of me was still hesitant to commit to a blue couch as I know we are going to have it at least the next 20 years!!!

charly sofa

We found a couch we liked from Interior Define. I had ordered a few samples from them as well. The colors I liked were Chambray in performance vintage velvet, French in performance plush velvet, and Cove in performance classic weave.

charly sectional

But after receiving the samples, and then visiting the showroom we decided to go with a neutral color couch, a lighter gray, and can add blue throw pillows for accents.  One of the velvets would drive me crazy with how much the fabric moves and leaves marks were you sit or touch.

fabric samples

When I mentioned to our design expert that I wanted the couch to feel soft as its our main couch but also hold up well, she mentioned the Chenille fabric. The first one she pulled was Cement. Its a lighter gray but something about the material didn’t seem like it would hold up as well as the Silver Fox.

sloan sofa

While we were at the show room, we were also showed a more modern style sectional called the sloan. I loved it and loved that I could change the wood block legs to these modern ones in nickel.

So as you can see my mood board shifted. From a blue couch to a gray couch. Also in my original mood board, I had two accent chairs. We have some really old wing back chairs in our basement that we have considered having reupholstered. But after visiting the show room I wanted a larger couch for more seating as our current room lacks seats.

Plus we had already gotten quotes to redo our chairs and its almost as much money as if we just got new chairs.

We ordered our couch and then I started looking at area rugs for our living room and runners for the entrance way and hallway.

blue gray area rugs

  1. nuLoom vintage florid emma 
  2. nuLoom Jayla Barbed Iris Medallion
  3. nuLoom Twilight global distressed
  4. Maral Border Vintage Grey Rug
  5. Terali Slate Rug
  6. Mabini Are rug
  7. Hector Oriental machine woven area rug 
  8. Mountainair Area rug
  9. Ponoka Are rug
  10. Ottomanson Classics
  11. My Texas House Ladybird
  12. Medallion Blue
  13. SAFAVIEH Brentwood Kerstin
  14. Blue Serrated Emblem
  15. Herrings Oriental in blue/ off white
  16. Safavieh Brentwood Braelyn Geometic

I then use Canva to create a visual of what it would look like with different rugs options

mood board

I knew I wanted to add an accent wall on the entrance way wall. I started looking at several wallpaper options.

I ordered a few from wallpops and this is the one I liked best from them.

My fave sample was from ETSY and its called Scandinavian garland dove gray block tulip contemporary

peel and stick wallpaper

This mood board helped me see which one I liked best. The couch will not be up against the accent wall. I want this room to be elegant, elevated, look expensive, and still be cozy. My top choice is the bottom left corner. Scandinavian garland. Not shown is my husbands choice.

The right one is my husbands choice. Petale Wallpaper in Indigo. Its light and dark blues not black or gray. Our accent color would be blues. Now its about how pricey will it be and do I want to go bold. It is beautiful. However its not pre pasted or peel and stick. So this would be your traditional wall paper. So we still need to make a decision about it. Here are some other options I looked at.


blue peel and stick wallpaper

Eventually on the accent wall, I will white wash our black entry way table. I’ll add wicker baskets for the shoes under the table. Add a glass lamp, a silver round mirror and some decor pieces.

mood board

On the opposite wall, Ryan is building built ins on either side of the fire place. We will have a picture frame TV in the center above the fire place. We purchased a frame for the tv from deco tv frame in German Silver Alloy Prismatic. The bottom will be cabinets on each side and the top will have 2 or 3 shelves.

Above the shelves I wanted picture frame lights. I want the finish of them to be as close to the picture frame tv as possible. I also need knobs for the cabinets. Here are a bunch that I looked at.

cabinet knobs

  1. Cylindrical
  2. Optimism Oval
  3. Conga
  4. Round
  5. Expression Oval
  6. Monaco Cylindrical
  7. Mushroom

I then created a mood board of the finishes. From the nickel sofa legs, the TV, the picture frame lights, the curtain rod, the cabinet knobs, curtain rings and lighting.

We will also add recessed lights and I am pretty sure which light ill choose for the main. Here are options I looked at for our space.

modern lighting

  1. Hadfield Sputnick
  2. Seashell accent
  3. Hammet Sputknick
  4. Prism 3
  5. Statement Geometric
  6. Jarrett 5 shaded classic
  7. Haleigh
  8. Amoret 8
  9. Buckby 5 Light Unique Tiered Chandelier
  10. Ivy Bronx

Once we choose an accent wallpaper I will get that ordered. Then I’ll begin white washing the entryway table. After that I’ll order the curtain rod and curtains. Ive been looking at a bunch so I will share those too.

Then I’ll order the picture frame lights and knobs & make sure they all match the TV frame.

This is how my mood board has changed, shifted and morphed and I can’t wait to make this room come to life!!!

Be sure to stay tuned for the progress.

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