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LIIFT4 Legs Workout

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LIIFT4 Leg Workout


Well I just finished week 7 of LIIFT4 and began the last and final week of the program. So this was week 7 LIIFT4 legs. If you follow me on social you know I LOVE leg day.

I certainly love the leg workouts in LIIFT4.

Now to do this workout you do NOT need a barbell. But I don’t have heavy enough dumbbells at home and I actually love using the bar so I added it for some of the exercises. You can also get great results doing these moves without weights but I highly recommend you lift some iron ladies.

The awesome thing of this program is it has pushed me to lift heavier than I have been in a while. Its also gotten the ladies and mamas in my virtual group lifting heavier too. You never know until you try. Each exercise is only 10 reps but you repeat it 3x so you can go heavier than if you were doing 15-20 reps.

Check out this workout and give it a try…


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