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9 week control freak

9 Week Control Freak

9 WEEK CONTROL FREAK     The newest beach body fitness program, 9week control freak is finally here. Coaches now have access to this program and the public will get VIP early access on December 21, 2020. It will not launch on regular BOD until summer 2021 but you will still need the accessory bundle […]

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Beachbody Coach Opportunity

Beachbody Coach Invite

Beachbody Coach Invite Drop your email below 💌without the “.com”👇🏻 Looking for real woman, the girl next door who has messy hair don’t care, no muscles or ab lines required 🙌🏻 I’m looking for 10 motivated ladies who want to get PAID to get fit, live healthier, enjoy the holidays without gaining lbs 😍while sharing their journey on social […]

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Upper Body Burnout

Upper Body Burnout Here is a great burnout to add to the end of any upper body workout. Especially a chest and back workout. It was my last week of LIIFT4 and I loved it! 30 seconds wide pushups, 30 second regular pushups and back extensions. Do 3 sets! I know I post a lot […]

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Are You Always Motivated?

Are You Always Motivated? “How do you find the motivation?” I get this DM daily… I just do. Fitness is apart of me. I actually truly enjoy working out. I love how I feel. I love how it calms me down. I love that it’s my me time. It gets me moving (since I sit […]

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fitness journey

What to do when you get discouraged with your fitness journey

What to do when you get discouraged with your fitness journey….. Ever get discouraged? It’s so easy to see images on social of what we “want” to look like. It’s so easy to get frustrated when out the time in daily to our workouts, we choose healthy food and we still are not at that […]

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Just Do You

Just Do You Here is what I’ve learned – not everyone will like u – not everyone will get u – not everyone will support u – do what you want – do what makes u happy – do you & ignore the noise 💫surround yourself with people who you want to be like, who […]

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Keto Chicken Pot Pie

Keto Chicken Pot Pie You know its a family favorite. Its that ooey gooey warm comfort food you crave on a cool evening…… But let’s be honest….its not all that great for you. Until now. This is a dairy free/ gluten free/ low carb recipe I have made for 3 weeks in a row I […]

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80 Day Obsession Week 1

80 Day Obsession Results Week 1 Last week myself and a bunch of ladies in my GET OBSESSED fit group began a new 80 day workout program. Its a new meal plan too that many are following and the workouts are different every day, and week to week. So although you may repeat some moves […]

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Anorexia Recovery

Anorexia Recovery- My Story Part 2

Part 1 of my story of how I developed & overcame anorexia…..   Welcome back to part 2 and if you are just finding this and missed PART 1 be sure to check that out…. Yesterday we chatted about my background, how I started to make healthier changes in high school… how I then tried […]

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insanity max 30

Friday Fight Round 2

Friday Fight Friday Fight here are the last 5 minutes of my workout!? Who doesn’t love a good sweat session to start their Friday? Share this with a friend to motivate them and then go and do this workout?? I fell in love with the original Insanity workout years ago. I loved it so much […]

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fitness motivation

Fitness Motivation

Fitness Motivation I don’t want you to watch me and say that’s nice…. I want you to join me and say ME Too… I don’t want you Start this journey alone… I want to walk/run/climb this journey with you… Whether it starts with fitness?? and working on YOU, whether it begins by building confidence ?one workout at […]

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fitness first

Fitness First

  Fitness First When you put your fit life first everything else falls into place… Less anxiety ⭕️More energy Less aging ⭕️More youthful Less self doubt ⭕️More self worth Less negativity ⭕️More positivity Less staying stagnant ⭕️ More forward momentum Just a few of the internal benefits of moving every damn day! I am blessed ?to start […]

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Focus On Fitness

Focus On Fitness Today was all about focus. Short on time I needed a quick lift and some core work ?? ✔️added to my email list (r u on it?) ✔️weekly email goes out tomorrow ✔️new recipe on the blog ✔️new fitness group starts Monday ✔️got through some business trainings ✔️off to train a client at […]

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the struggle is real

The Struggle Is Real

The Struggle Is Real But So Are The Results Not everyday is the motivation flowing, some days you just have to do it anyway! The struggle is real but so are the results. You committed to a workout…. You committed to an accountability group…. You committed to a goal…. You know what quitting feels like […]

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