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80 Day Obsession Week 1

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80 Day Obsession Results Week 1

80 day obsession

Last week myself and a bunch of ladies in my GET OBSESSED fit group began a new 80 day workout program. Its a new meal plan too that many are following and the workouts are different every day, and week to week. So although you may repeat some moves in week 2, the tempo changes, the rep ranges change and as you build up strength (YES GIRL) so will your weights.

80 day obsession

So this program uses weights but is also highly focused on targeting our muscles using these cool resistance bands that look innocent but pack a big BURN (no pain no gain right). The emphasis of this program is stronger, leaner arms, abs and BOOTAY! Because who doesn’t want to lift their backside??? I know I do!  So everyday I followed the workout of the day, logged into my virtual fit club and got to share the struggles and joys we all experienced in week 1.

80 day obsession

I have really am loving the resistance bands and the awesome strength sliders can we say hello ABs!!!! There are several exercises that work your balance and week 1 I struggled a bit but now we are into week 2 and I have increased my balance and strength and increased my weights.

This was my day 1 photo. I am now 11 days in down 4lbs and down body fat% which is the ultimate goal. My other goals are tighten those abs up and lift the booty! There is a leg day, a booty day, a cardio core circuit day, a arms, abs and ass day and a cardio flow day. Come join me on this journey!

Check out my workouts below from week 1 and give them a try!

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