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80 Day Obsession Results Phase 1

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Have you ever felt like you needed a change? I workout daily and I love my workouts thanks BOD but I was ready for something different…..


Well not only did we start a new year, we launched a new workout. 80 Day Obsession and it peaked my interest. I still got to use weights, but now we were adding resistance bands and strength sliders on top of that. My goal has been to lift that booty and this felt like just the program to do that since its an AB and GLUTE focused workout! SIGN ME UP!!!!


Here are the Day 1 pics I shared on social before starting 80 day obsession.

Yes I am fit. Yes I still have areas to improve. Yes I CAN get stronger…..and that has been my goal and mindset heading into Phase 1 of this program…..

Mission lift that tush went into effect. You can see my week 1 update here.

So for phase 1 of 80 day obsessionwe begin to build that lean muscle. We begin to work those small muscle fibers. We challenge our body with new movements. The routines change a bit each week as we go back and forth from 3 sets of 10 (which I prefer) to 2 sets of 15. On some moves I feel my body can do more so I may do 5 sets of 10 or 3 sets of 15. I also quickly into phase 1 of 80 day obsession was able to use the blue band, the strongest resistance for most of the exercises. And by the end of phase 1 I was double banding a green and blue band. That’s what I call progress.

The first workout of the week in 80 day obsession is a total body workout. We use weights, bands and strength sliders to target those abs. I have fallen in love with the sliders. There are one or two moves that are a challenge. But I welcome it because that means change and i’m all about changing for the better in the form of strength. This one torches fat and builds lean muscle.

80 day obsession

There is a booty day (80 day obsession is an abs and a** program) which often used just resistance bands and weights. I love it because its smaller movements that pack a BIG punch! I don’t think my glutes have ever been so strong!!!!

80 day obsession

Cardio Core: I will be honest as I was on social media. I don’t love it. Not because I don’t love cardio. I DO! But because I am used to Insanity and I teach insanity and so the cardio moves didn’t live up to what I am used to and love. However the strength circuits with the sliders were all awesome. 80 day obsession isn’t a cardio program. It adds 2 cardio workouts a week to break up all the strength building.

80 day obsession

LEG DAY….aka my FAVE day. Your legs are your powerhouse. The bigger the muscle group the bigger the calorie burn. These 2 trunks support you. You got to work them babe,  so I welcomed leg day like a giddy school girl.

I have increased my weights every week. The exercises changed throughout phase 1 and the reps and sets did too so your body never hits a plateau. 80 Day Obsession workouts are constantly working those glutes and abs even when training other body parts!

80 day obsession results

AAA: arms, abs and a**….we switch things up by working the negative, or eccentric contraction to really burn those muscles. This is a fun routine with lots of moves so you never get bored.

80 day obsession

Every Saturday is Cardio Flow.  Its nothing like yoga, trust me. Its a fun workout where you keep adding 1 new exercise and starting back at the top. For example you start with 4 inch worms. Then add 4 spider push ups. Then repeat 4 inchworms, 4 spider pushups and then add 4 squat jumps. This pattern continues until you have 10 exercises. Then once you have done all 10 in a row you repeat that sequence 2-3 times. Its a good way to get the heart rate up.

80 day obsession

So if you watched the video above, or if you follow me on IG or FB then you saw my post. I did not set out to lose weight but it happened. I set out to drop body fat and build muscle. Its happening babe. Here are my results.

80 day obsession results

So we are 2 weeks into phase 2 and I am loving it. Ive been on this journey with some rockstar mamas, or busy working ladies and they are loving their results too. The best part of my job as a fitness coach is never being on this journey alone. We are having so much fun I am creating a new virtual fit club March 5th for 5 new ladies who want to see change in their bodies and health.

Is that you?


Lets chat if it is. Even if you don’t want to do this program I have something that will fit YOUR goals and needs. Just fill out the form below and lets get you feeling fab. Cant wait to chat with ya!

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