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Bridal Bootcamp

Bridal Bootcamp
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Bridal Bootcamp

Bridal Bootcamp

Yes, we have been Tux shopping this weekend for our bridal party as we are 4 months away. 4 months. I live a healthy lifestyle 365 but I want to really dial it in. We have a vacation coming up to Punta Cana next month and then a wedding so I am ready to dial in my nutrition and fitness a bit more….

I have been chatting with current BRIDE TO BE’s…recent brides who have gained the first year of marriage weight and post brides who have lost themselves to mommy hood and career. So I am hosting a BRIDAL BOOTCAMP!!!!

My goal is to help you not just focus on the short term goal (wedding in 4 months) but long term health. Thats why most of the amazing ladies are kicking off with my ALL ACCESS Pass. That’s right. One year of support. One year of workouts and nutrition. It could become the best and healthiest year of your life….

We start our prep week (getting you set up for success) February 27th. We will clean out any junk in our homes that wont help us toward our goals. We will go over meal prep and a few different methods so you can choose the one that works for you. We will teach PORTION CONTROL. We will share recipe ideas and give you access to a complete cooking show. We will focus on making our health a priority in our busy lives. We will work on self love. We most importantly will provide you 24/7 support and FUN!

For more information on how you can join and how I can help set you up with a meal plan that fits you, a workout that meets your needs and built in support to help you meet your goal and ultimately develop a healthy lifestyle for LIFE…..Are you Bridal Bootcamp ready? Please fill out the form below!

Bridal Bootcamp

Fitness Group

Im so excited you want to join my virtual accountability bootcamp. No matter what your goal is, I am honored to help you reach it! Please complete this form so I can best serve YOU!

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