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From Drab To Fab Bedroom Makeover

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From Drab to Fab Bedroom Makeover

This room was a long time coming. I finally was able to turn our drab bedroom into a fab bedroom with this simple makeover. God bless my husband. When he bought this house a few years before we met he was a straight up bachelor. His parents gave him one of their spare bedroom sets, random end tables, and an extra kitchen table. All he bought for his home after fixing it up was a leather couch and large TV.

When I moved in back in 2011 we basically moved all my old apartment furniture into this house and slowly started making it our home. We swapped out the kitchen table for my small round glass table.


We moved my old apartment bedroom furniture went into the spare bedroom…


And my coffee table and end tables went into the living room.


We bought a new TV stand and entrance table. Changed the shower curtain and at one point purchased a super cheap white bedspread. Listen, when you are young and living on your own it is totally normal to buy inexpensive furniture or family hand me downs. My apartment furniture was not expensive but it was mine. He bought a house and had to gut lots of spaces so he sure as heck didn’t care what the furniture looked like…. But as we have grown together….we have slowly started turning this house into our HOME!!!!!

But I still always dreaded our bedroom. To me it was like a dark man cave dungeon and I really just wanted it to feel like a retreat.


The dark blue walls and dark furniture (which are not my style) finally got to me! Ryan said, if you want to paint it go ahead. Well he didn’t have to tell me twice!!! So labor day weekend of 2019 I began priming and painting the walls.  Yes this blog post is almost 2 years old but its fine! At the time I thought all I would be able to do was paint it white and maybe a new bedspread.


Thankfully we could sleep in the guest room so all I did was push the furniture to the center of the room. The hardest part is putting up all the painters tape. The second hardest part was covering the blue with white paint. These walls are a mixture of plaster and dry wall and it eats up paint like crazy. I primed and ended up doing 3-4 coats of paint because I swore I still saw blue hints showing through!



But I loved the final project. I had been eyeing a specific bedspread set at bedbath&beyond for months leading up to this. So the night I finished painting I ran out and bought the last queen size they had. We also snagged these beautiful glass mirrored lamps from At Home Stores.




I mean this immediately made me happier and we all know Happy Wife Happy Life. Then Ryan said if you want to get new furniture we can since I know this is not your style and we can move this into the guest room. I was so excited.  I immediately put together a mood board of the vibe I wanted for this room.



I have always LOVED a tufted headboard. We looked at so many options and finally found one we loved at Greenfront Furniture. I can’t link our actual bed but here are a few similar ones.  I am not a fan of anything wood. I looked at so many options for nightstands and dressers. I ended up loving these grey ones.









We then added this rug which is neutral but perfect for this space and added another texture to the room along with the blanket and gray pillows. We added a rug pad under it to make it a bit thicker too and its perfect for our space.




I slowly added some decor pieces and this jewelry storage mirror.








Eventually we added this fun light that my husband says looks like a birds nest but I LOVE IT!!!





Our bedspread, gray pillows, pattern pillows, round pillow, blanket, similar bed, white closet curtains, gray curtains, rug, nightstands, dresser, storage mirror, light fixture and trash can. I use this luggage rack at night to put all the pillows on.








For the later spring and summer months we go with a lighter quilted bedding set that I love


summer bedding






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