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Bathroom Refresh

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Bathroom Refresh

Bathroom Refresh

I love giving a room a refresh. Our main bathroom upstairs is old, outdated and small. I can’t wait to demo it someday. But until then I couldn’t stand the peeling ugly green paint one more day. So I gave my bathroom a bright clean refresh.

Over the years we have slowly worked to turn my husbands starter bachelor pad into our home. First I started by turning the main bedroom from drab to fab. I woke up one day and couldn’t take the dark dungeon of a bedroom one more day.

From the bedroom I moved on to my office and then turning our dining room into a grown up space.

Last week I woke up and couldn’t stand to look at our main bathroom one more day. The old paint used leaked oil droppings over the years. Parts of the ceiling paint and walls started peeling.

It’s the only bathroom upstairs, in fact it’s the only fully working bathroom at the moment. It’s the one we get ready in and the one guests use. I want to LOVE the spaces I am in daily, especially as a homebody. While we are planning in the coming years to demo the whole thing, for now I will settle for a refresh.

The current original floor tiles are white and grey. The wall and shower tiles are grey.  So going with white one the walls (Sherwin Williams Pure White) would really brighten it up!

First I had to patch up some holes and dents with joint compound. Then I sanded forever using 220 grit sandpaper and this sander. I may have looked silly but since I was going to be without a shower I needed to protect my hair from any dust. So my hair towel did the trick. I was too lazy to go find my hubby’s safety goggles so these blue light blocker glasses did the trick. Threw on a safety mask and got to work.

Once I sanded as much as I could it was time to prime. The Lowes we went to didn’t have the specific mold and mildew resistant paint but they offered that in a primer. We did go with one of the higher end paint cans so I am really hoping it does not drip or peel like in the past. We do have a fan in here but it’s not as powerful as we need in this bathroom. So here goes nothing.

After 3 coats of primer and hours listening to Mallory Ervins new book Living Fully on audible, day one is done. From taping, filling holes, sanding and priming my arms were tired. But I knew it will be worth it.

That’s how I spent my Friday. After teaching my morning strength class (hello arms) I spent my Saturday painting 3 coats of PURE WHITE on the walls. Another long day but so worth it.


bathroom refresh

I ordered a new rust resistant tension rod and an extra long water repellent shower curtain. I ordered two color curtains. I always choose a white one. I found one close to the grey tiles shade and thought lets try it. While I loved the color it was competing too much with the grey tiles. I do like things to match and the two different shades would annoy me. They competed with each other more than they complimented each other. So white it is.

We also bought a new chrome door knob to replace the ugly aged brass one. But of course it wouldn’t fit. So we chiseled out the wood inside, made a huge mess but a new knob is on and completes the look.

Now I can walk in our tiny bathroom and feel happy. Bonus I won’t be embarrassed when guests go in there.  While I would LOVE to gut this bathroom and potentially expand it. That day is not today. So a small fairly inexpensive cosmetic lift was all I needed to brighten and love this space. Maybe you are not ready for a full reno in a space in your home. Try some new paint, lighting, curtains, fixtures or area rug to jazz it up!

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