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White and Pink Office Design

white and pink office
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white and pink office

For the past two years I have been slowly changing out the style and redoing a few rooms. Last year was our master bedroom which I need to do a blog post on, and this year was my office. When my husband first moved into our home he had it painted a dark maroon and deep navy. Years ago we painted it a light blue to brighten it up and I began using it as my office.

But over time it really wasn’t the vibe I wanted and it didn’t scream JACKIE. So I set out to create a white and pink office design and now every time I walk into my office it SCREAMS JACKIE!!!


It took me forever to search for some of those photos from 2012 but this is what Ryans office looked like when he was a first time home owner & bachelor. He went with this school colors and it was DARK!!!


paint job not to


As you can see it was incredibly dark and made this room look twice as small as it is. So back in 2012 we agreed to keep in the blue family and went with a pretty light blue. Sadly I don’t know the exact shade as it was soo long ago.

But It was 100% better than his old school colors!

blue pain colors



light blue office





For years this is what my office looked like. My fave color is pink so I added pops of pink to make it more feminine.

The desk and bookcase are from IKEA


It served me well for several years but well, 2020 made me have ENOUGH OF IT and so I set out to transform this room once again and make it feel more like me. So hubby got my furniture so I can start with a blank canvas.


This is the vibe I set out to create

You can follow along in the process here

white and pink office


diy paint job


sherman williams pure white



Once the office was painted (pure white by Sherwin Williams) I started to order some decor items.

First up was diamond/ crystal door knobs for the door and the office closet.

Sadly the doorknobs linked in the photo below didn’t work. So I ordered a different pair.

They worked great and look even better!


crystal door knobs



They are not my husbands style but I love them & since its my office they stay!


crystal door knobs


Now that the walls are paints, Sherwin Williams Pure White 

I ordered my clear desk. I always read a million reviews on everything online. I then priced it out between a few places. I love the look. I knew I was going with a minimal style desk so when it came to ordering a chair I made sure to order one with arms.


acrylic table





Once my desk arrived very well packaged I finally chose a chair. These are the chairs I had debated on. I found some of the similar chairs on multiple sites and compared prices. I then read through hundreds of reviews. I got lucky that I ordered mine towards the end of 2020. As you know many were forced to work from home this year. So people ordered desks and chairs like crazy. The benefit for me and now you is that means we have over 8 months of testing and reviews.


Some people ordered in March and while it seemed fine for the first month or so, after sitting on them for 4+ months the cushion wore out. I ended up with the pink chair, tufted backing with diamonds. Based on reviews it was not as bright as the image shows. If you order the same chair from home depot or Walmart it may be brighter. But I was still in love with the design. Its still light just not overly bright and I love it. Some reviews said its made for a smaller person. I am 5’2 and I fit just fine with room on either side. If you are larger this chair may not be best for you. I am glad that I was wise enough to get a chair with arm rests. Since my desk is narrow and glass, when I need to I can rest my arms on the chair! I simply love it.


pink office chairs






After I got my chair then I worked on curtains. I am super cheap/frugal that I painted over the old brown curtain rod with the white paint when painting the walls. I knew I was going to buy a white one anyway and this way I wouldn’t have to patch holes or make new holes putting up a new one. Well what I didn’t factor in is how thick the rod was. I ended up going to Bed Bath Beyond in search of curtains and they did not have much in terms of pink. But I loved these and snagged them right away. They are a bit brighter in person.

pink curtains


The downside is the space where the rod fits was quite tight. So there is no easy way for me to open and close them daily. I loved them so much I decided I would keep these open 24/7 and get a super pretty sheer curtain that I could open and close. I also loved these pom pom curtains in both white and pink. I chose the white option and they are stunning. I actually keep them closed 24/7 but they let in so much natural light. This way I still have privacy as my office faces the front side of our house and we have tons of walkers in my neighborhood. Its especially great as I am often filming training videos, taking pictures or chatting on instagram stories. I can see out but they cant see me! I ended up adding a small skinny rod for the shear curtains. I just need to have the hubby raise it up a little so the bottom of the curtains are even with the pink ones.


sheer curtains


I know most people order everything at once. But I originally planned how I wanted the lay out to look. Unfortunately this room is smaller than I would like. I need to keep the tufted bench in my office.



tufted bench


Its actually a surprise gift my husband ordered for our sweetheart table at our wedding.


sweetheart table


The issue is, it’s a tad longer than the space I wanted to place it in. So its back in the spot it’s been for the past 3 years even when this office was blue. This is why I ordered in stages so I could make sure things fit. So next up was the white leaning shelf. I looked at many, read lots of reviews and I could not pass up this one for $35. Here are all the ones I looked at. Some are better quality but for what I wanted this one works just fine.




Then I ordered a pink rug I has been eyeing. These were my top picks but some seemed better for a little girls room. I kept coming back to this one. Actually some of the reviews were from nursery’s but I just kept coming back to this one. I thought it would be a great addition to this room. I am so happy I went with it!


pink rugs


pink rugs



pink floral rug



Isn’t she gorgeous???!!!!!!

Then I just added some pops of pink I had in my old office to the shelves & added my wedding album on the bottom self. I am still waiting for my makeup mirror to come in. I don’t have a vanity and the bathroom mirror isn’t that bright so I figured I can now do my makeup in this mirror. I also purchased a new candle that smells amazing plus a headphone stand.



Im currently using an old mirror that used to hang above the mantle. It used to be in my home gym. I will purchase another one in time and move this heavy one back to the gym as its old and leaves white specks on my pics but I love it. I still need a new light. In fact we ordered a new one for the kitchen, and I need one for the bedroom. So im waiting to order a new one until I know we have an electrician coming who can install all 3 in one day. Here are a few I have been looking at.




Im still toying with the idea of faux brick stick on wallpaper on the wall behind the bench. I just love white brick and I think it will add an extra element to this room. I was going to add it on the wall behind the mirror but the mirror is so large you wouldn’t really see it. I also plan to add a floral decal above my head behind the desk. But I just love how this room has turned out. I hope it inspires you to create the room you have been dreaming of. Now each time I walk in my office it feels like me and inspires me to actually get work done!
















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