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P90x Upper Body Circuit

p90x workout
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P90x Upper Body Circuit

Ways I am staying active while quarantined is not only my personal workouts, but also by turning all of the classes I WOULD have taught in a gym, VIRTUAL.

So this P90x Upper body circuit is from one of the classes I taught this week.

Give this P90X upper body circuit a try:

A) 45 seconds kneeling bicep curls

30 second tricep pushups

15 second kneeling bicep curls

B) 45 seconds reverse tricep grip press

30 second wide bicep curls

15 second reverse tricep grip press

C) 45 second zottman curls

30 second tricep pushups

15 second zottman curls

D) 45 second tricep kickbacks

30 second bicep curls

15 second tricep kickbacks



It’s a quick upper body burn. Be sure to subscribe to my YOUTUBE for more workouts weekly!

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