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Morning Meltdown 100 Results

Morning Meltdown 100 results
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Morning Meltdown 100 Results

Morning Meltdown 100 results



If you have been following along on IG or FB or in my newsletters you know I completed Morning Meltdown 100 a fitness program made up of 100 workouts. It was FAST and FUN especially doing it along with my Virtual Fitness Community.

So what is Morning Meltdown 100?  It’s a fitness program that will target your total body. It focuses on your large muscle groups and especially your smaller muscle groups that tend to get neglected in training. The program highlights core, shoulders and glutes throughout the whole program. It also has 10 modalities of fitness (different fitness styles). Which is great to keep the body guessing and working.

There are 5 phases. You do each style in each phase but they progress  as you progress through the program. My FAVE two styles are LIT CARDIO (DUH) and MELTCON. Meltcon is a total body lift and I love the flow of it. I also actually enjoyed the freestyle flow for the most part except for the final phase. I struggle to enjoy slower more restorative workouts but they are NECESSARY.

So let’s chat about results. In this program you do get an awesome tracker journal in the BE 100 book. I FAILED at using it daily. However I know many of the members in my FIT FOR LIFE group loved writing in their daily affirmations or intentions. They also wrote down each workout and how they felt and could track if they increased reps or weights.

So at the start of MM100 here were my stats

  • Chest-34
  • Right Arm -11.5
  • Left Arm- 12
  • Waist – 31
  • Hips- 37
  • Right Thigh- 21
  • Left Thigh- 21
  • Weight 133.5
  • Height 5’2



These are my final results. I still had dark chocolate on the daily. I feel stronger, leaner and loved it!

  • Chest 32
  • Right Arm- 11.5
  • Left arm – 12
  • Waist 29.5
  • Hips- 35.5
  • Right Thigh- 21
  • Left Thigh- 21
  • Weight- 129

Morning Meltdown 100 results


Pictures don’t show everything. Up close I see deeper definition in my upper body especially shoulders and biceps. I can tell my thighs are leaner but STRONG. I also know my BALANCE and FLEXIBILITY has IMPROVED big time which is IMPORTANT.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs to change up their routine, shake up their body and wants to see results from their hard work. I did the 60 day calendar which is double workouts. Each workout is only 22-30 minutes so its still less than an hour. However most of my Fit Group Community followed the 100 day calendar.

Here is some of the final workout and my results side by side.

Are you ready to BE 100?


I WANT MM100!!!!

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