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HIIT Cardio Workout For Fat Loss

HIIT cardio for fat loss
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HIIT Cardio For Fat Loss

I just wrapped up 100 workouts, that post will be coming next week. You all these workouts were FUN. I love changing it up. If you follow me on Insta or Facebook then you know I love me some cardio, especially HIIT workouts whether its cardio or strength based.

This program had 10 styles. The only style I didn’t look forward to was Fight Club (Martial Arts Inspired). I did love how it worked my core. I also completed the 60 day calendar meaning I doubled up workouts daily. They are only 22-30 min each so its nothing crazy. So on fight club days I had at least one workout I truly enjoyed.

I always share clips of my workouts on my stories and on my social feed but like to share a bit more of those workouts on Youtube and here on the blog with you. So the next time you need some quick cardio in your life give this a try. HIIT is great because you get amazing results in a short amount of time. In fact many studies show HIIT is more effective than long steady state cardio.

So give this HIIT a try and if you love how it makes you feel then lets go and join my online Virtual Fitness Community Fit For Life. We add light and life and motivation and encouragement to each others lives daily! Stop trying to do this thing solo. We are stronger together.

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