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Cardio Meltdown MM100

Morning Meltdown 100
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Cardio Meltdown MM100


If you have been following along, my Fit For Life crew and I have been doing Morning Meltdown 100

This is workout 62/100 done 

Plowing right on through this program. Listen I crave routine. I love having a schedule and a plan to follow and I like that I can customize it, switch workout days around to fit my needs.

Most of you are gearing up for back to school, getting back on track with sleep, fitness, nutrition and a schedule!

This program is for you. It was designed to get you moving for 20-30 min in the am before you run off to school, work, kids, deadlines etc! This is thee perfect tool to get you back to where you want to be.

My fit for life crew has been following it and it’s been great to keep us on track all summer and as we transition back to new schedules! From boss babes to teachers, to working moms to working fur moms, to grad students this program has been the perfect fit????????

The good news is you can still join in! A brand new group is kicking off on Tuesday. Join in the MM100 fun. BONUS if you join as a coach you get in my group and an EXCLUSIVE group with the bomb creator Jericho! Double bonus I have a few $10 off codes for the first 3 people who join!

Get fit, have fun, create a routine, drop some inches, turn up the heat ????& save it’s a win win????

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