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Beachbody Coach Summit= Greatest Place on Earth

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Beachbody Coach Summit


Many of you have been following me on here, my newsletter and on facebook or instagram. So you saw for weeks I was talking about how excited I was to workout with the top fitness trainers again. Guess what, yup it happened. Hold up it not only happened, but during an INSANITY workout I got a high five from SHAUN T, than man himself. DAY MADE!

So let me back track for anyone new reading this and thinking, what in the world is coach summit, and who on earth is Shaun T? (GASP)

I am a Beachbody Coach. What that means is I help people, just like you live healthier happier and if they choose a more financially free life. But mainly I just help coach someone through their journey using one of beach bodies at home fitness programs, nutritional shakeology, or recovery formula. I run online private accountability or support groups.

We establish a community of friendship and family in our groups. Everyone may have a different goal but everyones ultimate goal is to be healthy. Some want to lose 5, 10, or 40 pounds others want to maintain but clean up their nutrition or others want to put on solid weight. Either way we support you on good days and bad days, days you skip a workout or fell off the wagon. We celebrate small victories( choosing veggies over fries) and big victories, dropping weight/inches/pants falling down 🙂

So back to coach summit. Every year for the past several its been held at the MGM Grand in VEGAS. I had the privileged of attending my first one last year and it may have been the greatest weekend of my life. I got to finally meet coaches on my team whom i’ve only talked to via phone, video conference calls, and facebook daily. Plus i’ve made friends with coaches on other teams via online so it was cool to actually meet them in person. It was also the first time I met my coach who introduced this business to me!

Highlight has to be seeing the trainers up close and personal, and getting my picture taken with them. Don’t even get me started how AMAZING it is to do a live workout with these trainers who normally you only workout with on your TV  or phone screen. PLUS the top coaches in the company lead mini workshop trainings to help us be better coaches to our customers and leaders on our teams and grow our biz! Here are some pics from last year.

Scroll down for the FLASH MOB!


Photo Feb 12, 12 45 28 PM

This was a Diamond Coach Party my Coach took me to. Its Dan and Joel from Body Combat and Body Pump….Not bad on the eyes am I right ladies?

Photo Feb 12, 12 48 12 PM

Photo Feb 12, 12 47 15 PM

This was a meet and greet with the trainers. The ladies are awesome!!!

Here I am with Angie and Mary- Two amazing coaches and mamas on our team. We are ready for a live workout with the crew from the last pic.

live workout combat

2013-06-20 17.08.27

This was me and another team mate taking pictures with the giant signs beach body had set up all over, yes we took over the MGM. AND NO I am pointing at his ABS! (ps. Thats Shaun T- Insanity Creator)

OKAY so us CRAZY WORKOUT JUNKIES arrive by 4am for a 6:30 workout just to get up close. I met this GEM while we were waiting. We ended up having an awesome workout with at least 6 fitness trainers and pushed each other to go harder and faster. By the way, have you ever worked out in the MGM Parking lot in the CRAZY HEAT?

2013-06-22 05.29.33

Workouts DONE

2013-06-22 07.51.55

2013-06-22 07.52.58

Some of our coach friends who crushed the workouts with us, See the guy next to me, yeah we met on Instagram and chatted for 5 months before summit. We randomly ran into each other in the lobby.

Social media is soo cool.

This year I got to meet more of my team and many of the Canadian Coaches on our team for the first time.

2014-06-18 17.05.02Meet Lori, an amazing mama and coach from Canada2014-06-18 19.47.35My Coach Shannon

2014-06-18 19.48.14

Another FABULOUS coach Aldona, from Canada- love this chick2014-06-19 13.11.00Fellow insanity instructor/ coach LIZ- we met on the plane to summit last year

2014-06-19 13.53.38

Angie and I waiting for a LIVE PIYO workout with  CHALENE JOHNSON

2014-06-19 15.23.41


Insanity Flashmob

in the food court of THE MGM lead by my coach friend, RYAN

                                                                           DID YOU SPOT ME?

2014-06-19 15.51.54

Lovely and Talented Canadian Coach Heather

2014-06-20 07.03.24

I met Amanda on Instagram always fun to meet in real life

2014-06-20 08.11.09

Sam and I crushed this LIVE SHAUN T Insanity Workout

2014-06-21 05.31.50

Met Coach Collins at a party last year- here we are waiting for the Super Saturday workout

2014-06-21 05.43.31

Some of my team at the Super Saturday Workout (where we workout with all of the super trainers in the parking lot behind the MGM)

2014-06-20 08.16.20

Jill and Angie- We rocked back to back Insanity and T25 workouts

2014-06-20 08.52.36

2014-06-21 07.46.572014-06-21 07.48.05

Always so sweaty after the Super Workout!!!!!!

Doesn’t this look like fun?

If you think what I do looks like fun, would keep you motivated on your own fitness, the chance to help  others reach their goals and of course a way to make friends with like minded people, then girl let’s chat!


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