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healthy through the holidays

Healthy Through The Holidays

Healthy Through The Holidays Sunday was a weight loss morning 💝 even though I had some dairy free @halotopcreamery for my bday the night before 👌🏻  I rarely use the scale but this morning I decided to get on it and have a look. I hit a goal I have been aiming for. I had some guacamole & […]

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LIIFT4 Leg Day 50/50

LIIFT 4 Leg Day 50/50 I just wrapped up week 3 of LIIFT4 and this weeks leg day was half heavy lifting and half plyo. I loved it! Beastmode Hardcore Fierce Just a few words that come to mind when I think of strength and attacking leg day. I love leg day. I get excited […]

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National Eating Disorder Awareness

National Eating Disorder Awareness If you did not know, this week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. If you know me or follow me on social then you probably have heard me share my story. If you are new here, HEY GIRL, basically my freshman year in college I developed an eating disorder that almost […]

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fitness motivation

Fitness Motivation

Fitness Motivation I don’t want you to watch me and say that’s nice…. I want you to join me and say ME Too… I don’t want you Start this journey alone… I want to walk/run/climb this journey with you… Whether it starts with fitness?? and working on YOU, whether it begins by building confidence ?one workout at […]

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Sore, Tired, Keep Going

Sore, tired, keep going I know you’re sore I know you’re tired I know you’ve worked hard all week I know you want to see change I know you have big goals  Keep Going! I’m in need of a  date with my foam roller later today?I woke up tired but I checked into my virtual fitness […]

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