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How to Update an Entryway

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Over a year ago we started redesigning our Living Room. We started with the entryway and worked our way through the room. You can check out this old post about it.

Our entryway and living room are essentially the same space but we did a few things to set them apart.

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Your entryway is the first impression of your home. It should be warm, welcoming, and functional. You are going to leave and enter this space a million times a day. There should be a place for keys, wallet, shoes and or phones so it is easy to grab and go. This is also essential if you live with someone who is constantly losing all of the above.

What we did in our entryway….

First we had an existing pony wall which used to define the entryway from the living room. However it did make entering the room smaller and since we totally changed the layout of our room it was no longer needed. So we had a little fun and did a little demo and knocked it down…TIMBER!!!!

Your space may not need any demo. Simply taking out the pony wall opened up our entryway even more. I added a runner. All entry spaces should have one unless you have super cool tile or a herringbone wood floor pattern. Next you need an entry table. This is for decor and function.

We had a great entryway table. It was perfectly good but it was black which matched our old decor aesthetic but didn’t go with the new light and bright modern glam design. So instead of buying a new one I just refurnished it. A little sandpaper, some elbow grease, a little paint and boom I had a brand new entry table.

I spray painted the old hardware and it looks fab. I love the drawers because its an easy way to store all our keys. I don’t like to SEE all the things. You simply open the drawer drop or grab your key and walk out. I also like the drawer because I keep my husbands wallet inside. He tends to misplace it and now he always knows where it is. I also needed a spot for the mail. Now to prevent build up, I do look at the mail daily. The flyers, ads, junk immediately I toss out. I purchased this storage box and the bills or statements go inside. We go through it twice a month and fill/shred or toss. That keeps the box from getting over stuffed.

What if your table has no drawers?

Here are some great options that are on sale now for #wayday.

Decorative boxes and bowls are great to hide or drop the keys in. If you have a house with multiple sets of keys I would suggest the box. If its one or two small sets a bowl may work just fine. That keeps those everyday items contained and the table looks clean and clear at all times. Functional and pretty.

Now let’s talk shoes. I personally DESPISE most shoe racks. Especially the old school ones. They are ugly and I don’t want to see a dozen pairs of shoes. Also they work best for sneakers but sandals or bigger boots tend to fall off them constantly!!!!! In our home I used two deep woven baskets.

One for my daily shoes and one for my husbands. The shoes inside are not orderly but you simply pull the basket out grab a pair, and push it back in. Or you walk in the door, remove your shoes, dump them inside and push the basket back in place. Pretty and functional!!!

If you do not like the basket idea, or do not have space below your entry table, here are some awesome and stylish shoe storage options:

Entryway design ideas

You have your functional design storage in place. Depending on your entryway you can add a tufted chair, I am obsessed with the swivel chairs or a bench for putting shoes on. In our entryway we have this half wall. So we added a bit of glam wallpaper. Here are some wallpaper options for you.

If wallpaper is not for you, paint goes a long way to transform a space. You can add a wall treatment like molding or board and batten. A mirror and table lamp are great ways to finish off your space.

Check out these home finds that are part of the WAYDAY SALE happening now!!

See all my fave home decor on sale for WAYDAY

The perfect spring project is to give your entryway a little refresh. Let me know if these tips helped and what ones you will add to your space!

PS. Happy Wayday Shopping!

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