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Fall Front Porch Faux Pumpkins

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Fall Front Porch Faux Pumpkins

Fall Front Porch Faux Pumpkins

Its that special time of year …. FALL. Where every blogger takes the cutest pumpkin patch picks and your instagram feed is full of fall front porch pics. Mine included!!!

Each year it’s fun to pick up some MUMs and hit up a local stand for pumpkins. They are not cheap when you are buying a bunch especially the larger flat ones that are easy to stack. Each year I take a cute pic with my pumpkins. It’s cute while it lasts.


fall front porch pics

fall front porch ideas

fall front porch pics

See how cute pumpkins on your front porch or steps can be???!!!! Well they don’t last long at our house because the squirrels around here are total SAVAGES!!!!! They will start devouring these cute pumpkins. There are dozens at a time. If you open the front door they will scatter off but quickly come back and keep eating like its their last meal!!!

So I searched the internet and found something that was supposed to help your pumpkins last longer and not rot. So I figured it would also prevent the squirrels from devouring them. I shared the process in this blog post.

How to prevent pumpkin rot

how to coat pumpkins with enamel

protect  pumpkins

I finished coating my pumpkins, set them up and took my fall pic. Little did I know just two days later the bottom pumpkins would be a snack for the squirrels.

Fall front porch

I had enough of these squirrels. I searched online for faux pumpkins. You can find hundreds of plastic ones on amazon but they were too small. Same with target. I couldn’t find any made for outside. I found one small stacked set for close to $100 and since I would need one for each side of the stairs that would be $200 for faux pumpkins and my husband would have lost it lol! So I put on my DIY hat and got to work.

I did the online pick up for faux pumpkins from Michaels craft store. I got two of the larger size about 13 or 14 inches, 2 of the 9 inch size and 2 of the smaller ones about 6 inches.

Since these are plastic and heavier than you think but not heavy enough that a strong wind wont blow them around. So I decided to cut a hole in the bottom of each one. I had left over sand from a weighted sandbag I use in my gym.  I got sandwich bags, a small funnel and started adding sand into the sandwich bags. I used two sandwich bags for the larger pumpkins and only used one full bag in the smaller ones.

faux pumpkin diy

DIY faux pumpkins

I squeezed the bottom circle that I had cut out back into seal the pumpkin and used clear tape to seal it in place.

I’ll have to update you on how well they hold up or if I need to add more weight to them. I am hoping I can reuse them each year.

fall front porch pics

Fall front porch ideas

Fall pics

fall front porch pics

fall front porch pics

DIY faux pumpkins

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