How To Make Pumpkins Last Longer

How To Make Pumpkins Last Longer


It’s FALL and that means every girl has hit up a local pumpkin patch or farm stand and raided their pumpkins. This girl sure did. While we don’t have a large front porch, the last few years I have loved adding some fall decor, aka pumpkins to our front steps. But last year ours didn’t last all season thanks to chipmunks, deer and rotting. So I wondered how to make pumpkins last longer and thanks to Pinterest I decided to give this a try.


fall front porch

Yes I am that girl raided her local nursery for white pumpkins and pink/purple mums.

I love neutral colors and actually cannot stand red or orange so none for fall and none for Christmas at our home!



Here is a few pics from last year

Pumpkin pics


fall pumpkin pics



Okay, now for the DIY to see if this will prolong the pumpkins!

What you need:

My awesome hubby picked this up at Lowes.

Matte clear enamel


Step 1: Clean off the pumpkins. I used warm water with some bleach.

Step 2: Be sure to dry pumpkins before spraying.


Step 3: Place pumpkin on cardboard and spray generously. I sprayed the bottoms first then the sides and lastly the step.

shellacking pumpkins

Step 4: Let dry

shellacking pumpkins


spray painting pumpkins



They didn’t stay as shiny as I thought they would but they still look pretty.

Now we wait and see if any animals eat them and if they last longer!



fall front porch


Gotta love a quick DIY. Ill update at the end of the season but was so easy!

Happy Pumpkin Decorating

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