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Dinning Room Design

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Dining Room Design


Dining room design

This blog post has been MONTHS in the making but today 2 of our dining room chairs were delivered and it has almost completed this dining room design. We are still waiting for two more chairs.  If you have followed any of our home projects, our back deck, our from drab to fab bedroom remodel or my office makeover, you know we always stretch out our projects. So I am so happy after months and months this room is 95% done (minus 2 chairs).


Let’s take a step back to what this room looked like before. It was the same color but it had the small glass table and chair set I had from my previous apartment. My husband hated it. We only used it when my parents were in down. It was horrible to keep clean so I almost always kept a table cloth on it. Also we had a black shag rug that I swear collected dirt and was impossible to keep looking clean.








So clearly this room needed a major update. Here was my vision board for this room.

dinning room looks


I actually am not a fan of wood. I don’t like the color brown. I love the look of glass but its hard to keep clean so my husband Ryan was like the next one will most certainly not be glass. We looked at dozens of tables.  While I like wood in others homes its not my go to style for me.

This is not fully my style but the compromise was he gets a wood table and I got it in the gray wash finish. We debated getting the matching chairs from pottery barn or getting similar ones from Wayfair or Overstock.

The hard part was matching up the gray wash finish which is much harder to find than than oak. Here are some styles we looked at.


Tufted Chairs



We ended up ordering this table from Pottery Barn and 2 of the chairs. We found two of the same chairs from the Pottery Barn Outlet for 60% off and are hoping to get the last two chairs at the outlet too. The hard part with outlets is they never know what they are going to get so we either call each week or dm them on IG to check if they had any delivered this week. But since its just the two of us here  it did not matter how long it took us to collect all 6 chairs. We like to do things on a budget so if you can swing that I recommend it.







Once we had the table chosen I then looked at hundreds of rugs. I wanted a lighter color rug. As much as I love the look of white and cream rugs, the dinning room is a high traffic area. You have to go through it to get to the kitchen. Also my husband does yard work outside a lot and often tracks things in through the back door just off side of the dining room.  So I knew if I didn’t want to freak out or scrub it every other day with FOLEX I had to skip over the white rugs.  So I mainly looked for gray rugs.


dinning room rugs





ruggable rugs






area rugs







We ended up with this rug and I absolutely love it!!! Also these are the two chairs we got from the outlet.

Gray Rugs





Once the main decor was ordered and with COVID slowing down shipping rates we had time to paint this room. The walls in this house SUCK up all the paint so since we loved the colors it originally was we just painted them the same colors. After 13 years there were scuff marks and dings on the walls so with new decor we wanted the room to feel fresh.  Our dining room  leads into our living room which is a darker gray in Sherwin Williams DOVETAIL and our dining room is MINDFUL GRAY and the trim in EXTRA WHITE.

If you are buying sherwin williams paint it is cheaper to get from LOWES than it is from a Sherwin Williams paint store.


The hardest  and most time consuming part is all the taping. First we taped up all the trim work, door to the gym studio and kitchen doorway. Painted the walls and then peeled that off and taped the walls to paint the trim.





mindful gray


mindful gray


You can follow along on my Instagram highlight called Dining Room



We were lazy and since the walls are the same color we did not remove the hooks for the wall decor that was there before as it was going back up. We did let the walls dry for 2 days and then I couldn’t wait any longer to put the pictures and decor back up. The face of a girl who painted for 4 days straight and was so glad it was done!


Mindful Gray



Once the painting was done we  installed our light. Here are the original styles I was going for.

I then changed to a bit more modern style and I am in love with it.



Farmhouse lighting



dinning room lighting


Then I decided I wanted a bit more modern look


Modern Lighting

I ended up with this light and I am in LOVE with it!!!

Pendant Lighting




Happy wife happy life! The day our table arrived!!!!

dinning room table


Once the painting was complete, the installed, the table and 2 of the chairs in place I then began work for table settings.  We have two sets of plates. Our everyday white square plates and instead of a traditional china set that would never get used, we have a nice Kate Spade set that we still have not used lol but now we have a nice table for it.




So I wanted every day placemats and napkins for our white set and found these. I also added this runner, candle stick holder, candlesticks and made my own flowered centerpiece using color BLUSH. I also ordered a nice set of Lenox placemats, napkins, napkin rings, and because the placemats are wider it looks cleaner without a runner on the table.


table settings





Wall decor is Canva photos from our WEDDING DAY. Also a framed invitation and a wedding gift someone special made for us.

Shop the mint





Here is the dining room set for everyday look and when hosting  with our nicer set! Hope you like it!



Dinning room makeover



Dinning table settings


dinning table




dinning room










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