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Meltcon Workout for Strength & Definition

Morning Meltdown 100 Workout
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MeltCon Workout for Strength & Definition

Morning Meltdown 100 Workout

In case you are new here I have going through the latest fitness craze MM100 with my virtual fitness community. We are about to start phase 2 of the program. There are 5 phases and so far in phase 1 MELTCON is my FAVE!

This workout is 10 minutes of straight lifting, 2 min rest and repeat. The beauty of my workouts is they can travel with me. This past weekend we traveled to North Carolina to visit friends. I did this workout in the hotel gym on Friday. Killer. Its non stop so you get that cardio effect and you burn up those muscles. This is an awesome sculpting workout.

While staying with friends we all piled into their garage for a workout both days. I could easily stream MM100 and on the last day Jess joined me for Cardio Meltdown. Also a great workout.

Give this MELTCON workout a try and then come join my fit family! I also have 3 bonus discount codes for the month of August! Don’t miss out!

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