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Meet Me At The Barre

Barre Blend Workout
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Meet Me At The Barre


Have you tried a BARRE workout before?

If yes, was it at home or at a studio?

Prior to this program I’ve taken 1 barre class and done one barre workout at home. Studios, while fun can also be costly and you have to be there at a set time. That doesn’t always work for those with busy schedules. With Barre Blend you can do it anytime anywhere that fits your schedule, no commute, no membership, and  no bar needed!

Bonus: you get me as your personal coach!!!

Double bonus: you get access to my daily private support community. The members in my fit for life group rock. They make it fun, keep you accountable and inspired!

Barre Blend

So if you don’t have a coach and want the deets on Barre Blend just let me know???????????????? Seriously this is going to be so fun!

As coaches we get a sneak peek at the first 10 workouts. This is workout 1 and I loved it! I love that for the most part there is constant movement. I am terrible at sitting still and holding poses. I love the burn I feel with just 2.5lb weights.

I get comments and DMS on my FB and IG all the time that my workouts are INSPIRING but too hard or too high intensity for others to join me in doing them. If that is you then THIS is perfect.

Not only are there 3 levels. Beginner, middle and advanced but the movements are designed for LOW IMPACT on the body but still pack a higher intensity and cardio effect on the body. I am following several of the higher options. But still not pounding my body the way other workouts I do impact my body.

Barre Blend Workout

Whether you have never worked out or its been a LONG time, or you are an athlete looking to sculpt, strengthen and add range of motion this program is for you.

BONUS I have 3 $10 off codes to use this month. PLUS the package is on sale too!!! If you sign as a coach you can get access to the first 10 workouts for the next 2 weeks.

OR as a member you can get your hands on this program starting on the 16th! I am so excited to be doing this program with many of the members in my FIT FOR LIFE group and I hope you will take advantage of the promo deal and join us. What better way to bring in the new year!

Barre Blend

Come meet me at the barre!



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