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Skin Care Routine

skin care routine
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Skin Care Routine


So I asked on my Instagram stories ideas for blog posts that my followers wanted to see. Skin care routine and what I have been using the past 6 plus months was suggested so here it is.

Let me first start off that I have never been the girl to invest in my skin care. Honestly I think so many things are so over priced and I don’t know that they actually do what they say they do.

I am also the girl who lived in a tanning bed for YEARS so I know I did some damage.


I also know I am approaching 40 in a few years so now is probably a good time to start caring a little about my skin care. I still do everything on a budget so I refuse to spend loads of $$$ on cleansers and lotions. However these are the products i’ve been using for the past 6 months and do feel my skin in clearer, brighter and tighter.

I didn’t have many lines yet so its hard to notice if I have seen reduced lines or not but I do enjoy what I am using.


retinol eye cream


This is the first product I started. Retinol eye cream. All I read online is how we should be using Retinol and I know some women swear by it so let’s give this one a try. I started using just a small amount each night after I washed my face. I love that it does leave my skin feeling hydrated. I also think it helps with dark circles. Since I liked this brand I tried another that I have been mixing with lotion and applying over my whole face at night.

skin care routine

I did have some dark spots or sun spots small but I knew they were there. This  Retinol Serum has helped really even my skin tone.

I also think thats in part due to the collagen but i’ll take it.


Now let’s talk about cleansers. I am that girl that used and still uses makeup wipes. Instead of drugstore brands I am IN LOVE with these from billie. The super late nights when I am too tired to fully wash my face, post workout, or using these before I do a full cleanse. If you are going to use a face wipe this is the one!!!

I love that these wipes are infused  with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serums.

Most nights and mornings I am using an actual cleanser. I think the holy grail cleanser that makes my skin feel amazing and takes off all your makeup is from Tula called  The Cult Classic

facial cleanser

I love how it makes my skin feel.

When I am done at night I also put on glow hour. Its designed to help prevent dark circles and lighten them and I swear its working. I actually use glow hour a few times a day. When I wake up I put it under my eyes before my morning workout. After I shower and get ready I will apply some before I put on makeup. I also use GLOW HOUR as a highlighter its a perfect glow.


under eye prevention


In the mornings during my shower I like to use Elemis Superfood AHA Glow Cleansing Butter  

After I get out of the shower I love to use the superfood glow moisturizer.

It seriously brightens my skin and it feels good under my makeup.


skin care routine



Along with my skin care I have been using 2 hair care products that I am in love with.

First they smell amazing. Second they have helped my scalp and they make my hair smooth, shiny and healthy.

I use this hair mask as conditioner 2-3 times a week. I use this shampoo also 2-3 times a week.

I use this scalp massager and its been amazing for my scalp and gets the product in there good.


hair mask spa day


Thats my hair and skin care. I hope you give one or more a try and hope they work for you.

Also loving these new PJs. I am a sucker for a good pajama set.  


silk pajama set


Comment below with your fave products id love to see what else works well!

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