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Everyday Skincare Routine

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Everyday Skincare Routine


Do you have a skincare and beauty routine?

I have not always had one. I will say my first experience with skincare was in junior high. My mom used to order Mary Kay and she would order some things for me. I maybe used a bit in high school. But through much of high school, college and sad to say most of my post college life I did NOT have a skincare routine. I would use products like Noxzema, Cetaphil, or Clean and Clear.

Basically the cheaper and easier the better.

But I have learned, and seen that as we age, (i’m closer to 40 than 30) it’s time to step it up. I still can’t bring myself to buy expensive makeup or skin care so everything I use and share below is for the most part budget friendly.

I was asked on Instagram for an updated skincare and beauty routine since I last shared my skincare prevention blog post. I am still using many of these today.

So because I workout in the morning everyday I do not wake up and wash my face.

But once I get in the shower I wash my face. I either use Tula Cult Classic Cleanser or  a cheaper option is the CeraVe hydrating cleanser. When I get out I use toner.




In the mornings after that I use this skin therapy oil with Vitamin E by Palmer’s. Then I use  Yeouth Pure Hyaluronic Acid, and at night I add the Yeouth Retinol serum. When I remember I also add this eye cream morning and night.

skin care routine



The newest addition is the Neck Firming Cream. It has green tea, and vitamin c. Its an anti wrinkle moisturizer, skin tightening, helps double chin (which I am on my phone looking down all day so I NEED IT) and can repair crepe skin. Ive only been using it a few weeks but it feels tighter each time I use it.

retinol eye cream

I also was told by my dermatologist years ago to use Elta MD UV facial moisturizing facial sunscreen after having a mole removed. I also love the Jergens natural glow firming moisturizer.




I have super dry skin. I have been using these skincare products for a while and love how my skin looks and feels.

Now that I shared my everyday skincare, let’s move on to my daily beauty/makeup.

makeup bag


I have actually been testing out 3 different under eye concealers. At different price points.  While I do love the Tarte shape tape, I don’t love the price. So here are the current 3 under eye concealers that I love. In 2020 I felt like my under eyes got darker. So I actually use concealer under my eyes. And then I use it later to brighten my under eyes ones my makeup is done.

Often I will use the Maybelline or NYX one first and the shape tape later on top for that pop or brightening under my eyes.




2020 I discovered Tarte Cosmetics and I do really enjoy their products. Yes its more than what I pay on amazon, target or walmart. I have my faves from them. Most days I just use their  tinted moisturizer.

I do get spray tans 1-2 times a week with an added bronzer. So I don’t feel like I need full coverage daily.  However some days when that tan fades or I am feeling more pasty I love a fuller coverage. I really like the Tarte Face Tape foundation.



To apply my foundation I use the Duorime brushes. I also use a few of the Beakey brushes from this awesome kit.





Once my foundation of choice is on I then add bronzer. I have been using this bronze and glow duo for the past year from Ulta. I also really like this Butter Bronzer but its almost double the price.  I use the highlighter from the bronze and glow or sometimes a more expensive one called GLOW HOUR from Tula. I do use this often under eyes as its supposed to prevent dark circles. I personally don’t feel like it’s made a difference.




I just started using a setting powder. Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless powder makeup in Translucent.

My fave part of my makeup routine is my eyes. I can leave the house with no face makeup on in fact I never used to wear face makeup. I have always ALWAYS worn eye makeup. I will not go anywhere without it on. Over the fall, Black Friday Deals, Christmas deals and more I held out on the Tarte 3 pack eye shadow pallets. They are more expensive than the NYX pallet that I had been loving for years. I am so glad I waited because this year Tarte came out with thee most BEAUTIFUL pallet.

I literally have used almost every color, and plan to use them all. Even with the NYX one, there are several colors I probably won’t ever use. These are just STUNNING. Some are matte and some shimmer and I love both.




With this pallet you can use the shades in the same row or in a square of 4, no matter how you mix and match they all compliment each other so well. I just love it. Hands down best eye shadow pallet I have ever used. I shared a sped up video a few weeks back of my makeup tutorial. Click the instagram post to see






Once my eye lid is covered in shadow I apply black liquid eye liner. I usually use this one.  From there I use one of these two mascara. I go back and forth on which is my fave. I personally don’t love the Man Eater mascara from Tarte, I like it for bottom lashes but it is not one I like for my lashes.



On the bottom lash in the corners I use this white eye liner until I hit mideye. From there to the corner of my lashes I use this black liner. Once all my liner is done I will go in and add a darker shadow in the crease of my lid. I usually do it after mascara so no mascara gets on my lid. With this pallet some days I have been using one of the rosy pinks as a slight blush on my cheeks.




Once all my makeup is on, I use this setting spray.


Last is the lips. Lately I am loving this lip mask. It says to put on before bed but I have been using it a few times a day and my lips have not been softer.

Before I used this mask I also always used this cocoa butter on my lips before applying gloss or lipstick. My go to lipstick lately has been this one called Lover. Some fave glosses I love are below too.




Lastly my new travel makeup mirror is so cute and bright.

Lastly I keep everything but the new eye shadow pallet in this makeup bag.

And thats my everyday skincare and beauty routine.

Id love to know what some of your faves are. Feel free to share yours below!

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