Your Past Doesn’t Define Your Future

Your Past Doesn’t Define Your Future The first time I shared my very vulnerable story was in 2015. I got such positive feedback and messages from people who struggled or ...

How to get fit from home

How to get fit from home, with little space and equipment. Growing up I played sports. In high school I ran cross country for 2 years and then my senior ...


Improve Your Gut Health

A shake a day keeps the DOCTOR away…. I would love for you all to reap the nutritional benefits of shakeology too! Since incorporating 1 shake a day  since 2014 ...


Wedding sparklers

Cherry Blossom Wedding

Cherry Blossom Wedding I can’t believe its been over a year and ...
Beachbody Coaching

The Top 10 Reasons To Join My Team

True life changing results and new outlook on life are right at ...
Beachbody Coach

Join My Virtual Bootcamp

Accountability Is What Sets Team Beachbody Apart! Its amazing how much times ...

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Insanity Instructor

Virtual Classes

Virtual Classes   Let’s get our group fitness fix on. It works in your favor if you don’t live near me and can’t normally take my classes at a local gym, now you can. Below are the types of classes and times and the instructions on how to join CLASSES & TIMES:  Metkon Rx ( […]

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womens workout circuit

Women’s 12 Minute Shoulder & Core Circuit

    Happy 2022!!! I hope you are making time for yourself this year. Just 20 – 30 minutes can make a big difference. But let’s start small… This 12 minute shoulder and core workout is quick, fun and effective. No excuse about time this is shorter than a sit com! If you want your […]

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home decor

Post Holiday Home Decor

Post Holiday Home Decor When do you take down Christmas decor? Usually I wait until January 6th. In fact in 2021 I actually bought valentines ornaments and swapped out my Christmas ornaments for those so my decor was up until February 16th!  I know call me crazy but after 2020 I needed all the added […]

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Holiday Gift Guide

Gift Guides 2021

Gift Guides 2021   Somehow there are only 20 days left until Christmas…..I don’t know where this year has gone heck where has the past 2 years gone? While our homes may LOOK ready for Christmas, our gift lists may not be. Hope these help you.   *affiliate links included   Tan Steve madden boots […]

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how to rewick candles

How to rewick your candles

How to re-wick your candles How many candles do you have wear the wick has burnt down and left you with a jar or wax? I have half a dozen. With a little DIY I learned how to re-wick my candles and now I can enjoy them! Before I share how I did a super […]

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Fall Front Porch Faux Pumpkins

Fall Front Porch Faux Pumpkins

Fall Front Porch Faux Pumpkins     Its that special time of year …. FALL. Where every blogger takes the cutest pumpkin patch picks and your instagram feed is full of fall front porch pics. Mine included!!! Each year it’s fun to pick up some MUMs and hit up a local stand for pumpkins. They […]

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BODI classes

Beachbody & MYX II Bike

Beachbody & MYX II Bike   Beachbody just upped the game with the partnership with MYX and is adding the new and improved MYXII bike. BODI is the new Beachbody Interactive platform where we now offer live classes. Some of those live classes are also cycle classes and this is where the MYX Bike comes […]

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EMOM workout

EMOM Workout

EMOM Workout At Home     EMOM stands for every minute on the minute. Give this EMOM workout at home or the gym a try. Each series has 5 sets. 40 seconds of work 20 seconds of rest repeat repeat repeat. Then move on to the next series. All you need is a pair of […]

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Fall Decor Ideas 2021

Fall Decor Ideas 2021

Fall Decor Ideas 2021     While I love summer and am not ready for it to actually end…..I love early fall. I love fall decor, the fall scented candles, booties and I love a cozy sweater or zip up! I waited as long as I can. Last week temps dipped and it started to […]

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Terra Core fitness

Terra Core Fitness Legs

  I love my home workouts and I love to train legs. I just stepped up my workout game with this Terra Core Fitness tool for a great leg workout that also MAKES you use that core to stabilize you.   What makes the Terra Core unique? This piece of equipment is so versatile. You […]

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Hair Care Routine

Hair Care Routine

Hair Care Routine   How often do you wash your hair? I wash mine 2-3 days a week. This is MY hair care routine. I love the smell of this shampoo and hair mask. Bonus points that it is PINK and beautiful. But my hair loves it.  Since I workout everyday and several days a […]

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JW Marco Island

JW Marco Island

JW Marco Island   One of our fave vacations was this past week at the JW Marco Island in Florida. Back in 2019 we visited Naples and we loved it. One day we rented a car and drove to Marco Island for an airboat tour. On that drive we stopped at the JW to check […]

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Nordstrom anniversary sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021   It’s the biggest sale of the year for Nordstrom and most people go crazy over it. Im still loving some of the goodies I snagged last year. The items I am sharing are all at great prices but items do tend to sell out fast so if you see it […]

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645 fitness program

645 Fitness Program

645 Fitness Program   645 fitness is our summer workout program and its a good one. While I loved The Work….that is a bit extreme and advanced for many people. The beauty of 645 is you still get strength and intensity but you get a better focus on form, mobility  and mind muscle connection.   […]

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swim suit styles

Swimsuit Styles

Swimsuit  Styles   Summer is officially here so bring on the pool days, beach trips and vacations to the warmest destinations! Check out these swimsuit styles. Just home from our vacation to Miami and sharing some of my pool day looks. Shop my swimsuits!   This is a fave one from the past few years. […]

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