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Taylor Swift Eras Tour Brazil 2023

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Best way to celebrate my 40th birthday, early!!!

You may not be a swiftie, but I bet you can still sing along to at least 2 of her songs. I guess i’ve been a quiet “swiftie” for years because my hubby didn’t realize how BIG a fan I am. While I can’t name every single song, nor have I spent hours of my life putting all her easter egg hints together, i’ve always been a T Swift fan.

My husband and I are usually not big concert people. It’s been years since we have been to one. In the past I would skip through IG stories from people at a concert. But the ERAS TOUR hit me hard. I actually had FOMO!!!! Despite feeling that way there was no way we were going to spend 2-5 grand for a concert….

We were out to dinner one Friday at the beginning of October and we were tossing around trip ideas for my 40th. Nothing was sounding exciting. My husband Ryan said, let’s just see where Taylors international tour will be. He jokingly said, we could go just before your birthday whiles she’s playing in Brazil in November. At first I was like we can’t do that. But the more he kept naming places, the more I thought…..

HOW AMAZING would it be to see TAYLOR SWIFT on the ERAS TOUR in another COUNTRY!!!!????

We booked tickets to see Taylor in Brazil!

While we were not about to pay crazy ticket prices in the states, we got 2 VIP tickets and a TRIP to Brazil for less than it would have cost us stateside. Little did I know Brazil had always been on my hubby’s travel list, so it was a win win.

I decided to keep it a secret from my social media about where we were going and that we were going to the ERAS tour. I thought it would be fun to post about it right after the concert.

Its a full circle moment for me because back in September 2008, I went with my friend Brad to a Rascal Flatts concert and Taylor Swift opened for them.

To see her 15 years later on one of the biggest stages with the biggest tour ever was amazing!

It was really cool to see her all these years later rock that stage and put on thee coolest performance I have ever seen. I would see it again in a heartbeat!

Now you may have rolled your eyes at my concert posts on social media (haters gonna hate) but you can’t deny what a performer this woman is. Who else puts on a show that’s longer than 3 hours? Not only did she sing and dance and entertain her heart out, she did it gracefully in the torrential rain!!!!

‘I’m so sick of running as fast as I can’

While it was cool to see a concert in another country, I don’t know that I would do it again in one that didn’t speak english. There were no real rules around lines in Brazil. If fact there were no “lines” just blobs of people calling it a line. None of the workers could help us. We accidentally pissed off an angry crowd by cutting (because again there was no real line). In fact they got loud and aggressive and started chanting CUTTERS GET OUT ( in Portuguese)!!!!! We eventually left that area and spent the next hour plus walking back and forth running around the whole stadium until we found someone who spoke English. Thankfully he happened to be in our section. So we joined an actual line and made it inside!

As if that experience was not enough to get your heart pumping, leading up to that we went hours early to get our VIP package. Found out we didn’t have the QR code. Went all the way back to the hotel to get ready for the concert. Headed back to the venue all while my husband was in contact so many times with Stub Hub. We finally got the QR code right before our UBER dropped us off. Here’s that crazy recap:

But man I was so happy to get that QR code and get our VIP swag bags. Not only that but it meant we could enter the venue earlier than the rest of general admission. This was especially important as there are no assigned seats so it was a mad dash. We ended up with good seats. Bonus we ended up being under cover which meant we were not a drowned rat during the whole concert. 

Best Bejeweled We Had The Time of Our Lives

Earlier I mentioned my hubby was not a swiftie but he is not a hater either. He knew many of her catchy songs. Once we got tickets he started listening on apple music to her albums. So he knew almost every song and sang along. In fact there were thousands of men in attendance who also jammed out all night.

Dressing for the Eras Tour

I knew I would not be able to get him in some flashy outfit. His favorite color is blue and he likes the Midnights album. So I played off 1989 and got him a 1982 blue tee. His brith year and he can wear it again or to the gym. He already had blue sneakers and shorts. I love pink and all things that shimmer. So I found this pink jacket on amazon and these pink leopard sneakers. It was my birthday trip so I found this tank that said 40 and Fabulous and had leopard print on it. I already had these black pleather shorts. Ordered some beaded bracelets for us and done.

The cool thing inside the stadium was seeing everyones outfits for the different Albums.

We met some of the nicest people who took our pictures, chatted with us and exchanged bracelets with both Ryan and I.

I’ve Had The Time Of My Life

Honestly, its one of the most fun times we’ve had. I made this montage video and ive rewatched it a dozen times. When I posted it to my FB page so many commented how happy it made them. They were not able to see it live and loved watching. Hope you do too! If you did happen to make it to one of the Eras tours let me know which one you attended.

PS. We found this list while sitting at the concert so we could follow along what song was coming and see what Secret or Vault songs she would play at our concert.

Song List

PPS. If you stuck around long enough and wanted to see what was in the VIP Goodie Bags here ya go

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