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Join my fitness accountability group today!

Join My Fitness Accountability Group Today It takes 21 Days to CREATE a new HABBIT With the right support system, accountability coach, supportive community(aka our fit fam), detailed fitness & meal plans, my challenge group will help guide you through your transformation in health & fitness. This is the complete system. Fitness: Each day you […]

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Its Not About The Weight

Its Not about the WEIGHT Stop focusing on the NUMBER of the scale, Stop focusing on the weight, and start focusing on the baby steps!   For those who have followed me, you know my story with anorexia. Its been very FREEING to be able to share this with others. Well, yes I had to […]

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21 day fitness challenge

Fitness Challenge- 21 days love yourself fitness challenge

Are you ready to LOVE yourself? Are you ready to make some HEALTHY habits? Are you ready to DITCH some unhealthy habits? Are you ready to start LOVING yourself and putting your health first? Are you ready for a NEW CHANGE or to get over a PLATEAU? We will focus on getting a workout in […]

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Online Fitness Group

Challenge Groups Change Lives Join Now

What is a challenge group? Private group online where each member comes for support, accountability, friendship, fun, a place to vent, a place to celebrate, a place to achieve goals right along with many others just like them, a place to establish healthy habits, a place to ditch some unhealthy ones, a place to celebrate […]

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My dads story…..a proud daughter moment

Today’s Lesson: Your parents can make you proud too! Tonight’s post is a personal one….but one that makes me smile as I type. About 6 weeks ago I gushed about a phone call I had just received from my dad telling me he had been hitting the track for a long walk daily, and actually […]

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Back to school routine…are you on track?

Today’s Lesson: Are you back to routine ready? Are you ready to put YOURSELF first so that you can give all of yourself to your responsibilities as a parent (juggling homework, school activities, after school sports, dance and band practices and of course play dates), as an employee with projects and deadlines, as a spouse […]

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Beachbody Coach Summit= Greatest Place on Earth

Beachbody Coach Summit Many of you have been following me on here, my newsletter and on facebook or instagram. So you saw for weeks I was talking about how excited I was to workout with the top fitness trainers again. Guess what, yup it happened. Hold up it not only happened, but during an INSANITY […]

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Sweet Potato Pancake- 21 day fix approved

Today’s Lesson: Don’t knock it til you try it! How are we doing! Today we are half way through our 2nd week of the 21 day fix and I cannot believe the results of my challengers. What I love with this program is the nutrition is flexible. Its not restrictive to the same food over […]

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Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle

Today’s Lesson: Your body reflects what you do and eat. What does your body say about you? You know the saying you are what you eat. If you eat high carb, high sugar, fried foods your body is going to show it. Well the same goes for working out too. If you never workout, it […]

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21 day fix week 1 results

Today’s lesson: Never quit, you don’t know what the outcome will be So I was super excited to start this program. Did I have a lot of weight to lose? Nope. Was it that I don’t normally eat healthy? Nope. However, I have been stressed out lately and that can lead to weight gain and […]

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21 day fix – shaping up and shedding pounds

Today;s Lesson: You Never Know Until You Try: You never know what you are capable until you try. I am beyond proud of my challengers and the results they are already getting. Some of them haven’t worked out in months or years. Others not since before they had babies. They were feeling fed up with […]

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21 day fix day 1: No better time to start than now

Today’s lesson: NO better time than now to begin! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, enjoyed maybe a treat without overdoing it. I know some of my 21 day fix group that kicked off today were excited that it fell just before our group kicked off. BUT you can actually have chocolate and wine […]

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Snow day = 21 day fix in effect

Today’s Lesson: Snowed in NO EXCUSE! P90x3 and 21 day fix in effect: So my February test group for the 21 day fix kicks off Monday, I wanted to check it out. I actually slept in, and enjoyed it for a chance, thanks to the 9 inch plus of snow. I made my self some […]

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21 Day Fix Craziness!!!!

Todays Lesson: When something works, isn’t expensive, people buy it like hot cakes!!!! So if you have been following this blog, my Facebook or instagram you know I have been promoting the latest program with beach body. The 21 day fix! Its a workout program and nutrition guide all in one. Its geared around portion […]

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